Graham Hurley

Graham Hurley was born in November 1946 in Clacton-on-Sea, Essex. While young, he loved swimming, football and spent his afternoons on the dodgems. His life has been punctuated with several run-ins with law enforcers and many raids on the library adjacent to their neighborhood.

He got himself involved in watching English post-war movies that included: The Dam Buster, Ice Cold in the Alex. The Wooden Horse, The Cockleshell Hero as well as Reach for a Sky. The events of post-war Britain, living in a household that had no television and having a father who loved classical music made him fall in love with writing.

He won the scholarship to study at a London-based boarding school after which he proceeded to Cambridge University to major in English. His background in English emanates from the schooling he had in the language and his earlier life experiences.

Books in order of publication:

Faraday & Winter Books

The Take(2001) 
Angels Passing(2002) 
Cut To Black(2004) 
Blood and Honey(2006) 
One Under(2006) 
The Price of Darkness(2008) 
No Lovelier Death(2009) 
Beyond Reach(2010) 
Borrowed Light(2010) 
Happy Days(2012) 

Publication Order of Faraday & Winter Companion Books


Jimmy Suttle Books

Western Approaches(2012) 
Touching Distance(2013) 
Sins of the Father(2014) 
The Order of Things(2015)

Wars Within / Spoils of War Books

Raid 42(2019) 
Blood of the Wolf / Last Flight to Stalingrad(2021) 

Enora Andresson Books

Curtain Call
Sight Unseen(2019)
Off Script(2020)
Intermission (2021)

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Rules Of Engagement   (1991)
Reaper (1992)
Thunder In The Blood(1995)
The Perfect Soldier(1996)
Sabbathman (1996)
Heaven’s Light(1997)
Nocturne (1999)
Permissible Limits(2000)
The Devil’s Breath (2012)

Publication Order of Non-Fiction Books

Lucky Break? (1981)     (1981)    
Airshow: A Year in the Life of the World’s Largest Military Airshow(1998)
Estuary (2012)
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