H. M. Hoover

Over the course of her twenty-three-year career as a writer, H.M. Hoover has won eight awards for her writing, including three Best Book for Young Adult designations from the American Library Association and two Parent’s Choice Honor Awards. Another Heaven, Another Earth received the Ohioana Award in 1982.

H.M. Hoover currently lives in Burke, Virginia. Her last published work was The Whole Truth – And Other Myths: Retelling Ancient Tales, in 1996.

Hoover changed her pen name to H.M. Hoover before Children came out because there was already a children’s author named Helen Hoover.

Books in order of publication:

The Lion’s Cub1974
Treasures of Morrow1976
The Rains of Eridan1977
The Delikon1977
The Lost Star1979
This Time of Darkness1980
Return to Earth1980
Another Heaven, Another Earth1981
The Bell Tree1982
The Shepherd Moon1984
Children of Morrow1985
The Dawn Palace1988
Away Is a Strange Place to Be1990
Journey Through the Empty1990
Only Child1992
The Winds of Mars1995
The Whole Truth and Other Myths: Retelling Ancient Tales1996
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