Hal Brands

Hal Brands (born 1983) is an American scholar of U.S. foreign policy. He is the Henry A. Kissinger Distinguished Professor of Global Affairs at the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) and a Resident Scholar at the American Enterprise Institute. He graduated from Stanford University and earned a Ph.D. in history from Yale University. His father is the historian H. W. Brands.

Books in order of publication:
From Berlin to Baghdad : America’s search for purpose in the post-Cold War world. 2008.

Latin America’s Cold War (2010)

What Good is Grand Strategy? Power and Purpose in American Statecraft from Harry S. Truman to George W. Bush (2014)

The Power of the Past: History and Statecraft (2015)

Making the Unipolar Moment: U.S. Foreign Policy and the Rise of the Post-Cold War Order (editor, with Jeremi Suri) (2016)

American Grand Strategy in the Age of Trump (2018)

The Lessons of Tragedy (with Charles Edel) (2019)

The Twilight Struggle: What the Cold War Teaches Us about Great-Power Rivalry Today (2022)

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