Harlan Ellison

Harlan Ellison was a prolific American writer of speculative fiction, science fiction, mystery, thriller, fantasy, and horror novels. He was known for his influential work and his combative, outspoken personality. Harlan was particularly famous for his successful collaborations with authors like Richard Corben, John M Ford, Diane Duane, Edward Bryant, Jack Dann, Jack Haldermann II, Alan Dean Foster, Richard Roberts, Keri Knutson, Bernard Schaffer, Miles Cressman, etc. The published works of author Harlan include over 1,700 short stories, comic book scripts, essays, novellas, teleplays, screenplays, and a wide variety of criticism work that covered literature, print media, film, and television. Some of the best-known works of Harlan include a Star Trek episode called The City on Edge of Forever, A Boy & his Dog cycle, and several widely popular short stories.

Books in order of publication:

Vic and Blood Books

Vic and Blood(1988) 
Blood’s a Rover(2019) 

Standalone Novels

Web of the City(1958) 
The Man with 9 Lives(1959) 
A Touch of Infinity(1959) 
Spider Kiss(1961) 
Phoenix Without Ashes(1975) 

Short Stories/Novellas

“Repent, Harlequin!” Said the Ticktockman(1965) 
Pretty Maggie Moneyeyes(1967) 
A Boy and His Dog(1969) 
The Region Between(1970) 
All the Lies That Are My Life(1980) 
Run for the Stars(2006) 
Harlan Ellison’s Movie(2010) 
Li’l Harlan and His Sidekick Carl the Comet in Danger Land(2013) 

Short Story Collections

The Deadly Streets(1958) 
Getting in the Wind(1959) 
Sex Gang(1959) 
Children of the Streets / The Juvies(1961) 
Gentleman Junkie(1961) 
Ellison Wonderland(1962) 
Paingod and Other Delusions(1965) 
I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream(1967) 
From the Land of Fear(1967) 
Love Ain’t Nothing But Sex Misspelled(1968) 
The Beast That Shouted Love at the Heart of the World(1968) 
Over the Edge(1970) 
The Time of the Eye(1971) 
Alone Against Tomorrow(1972) 
All the Sounds of Fear(1973) 
Approaching Oblivion(1974) 
No Doors, No Windows(1975) 
Deathbird Stories(1975) 
The Illustrated Harlan Ellison(1978) 
Strange Wine(1978) 
The Fantasies of Harlan Ellison(1979) 
Stalking the Nightmare(1982) 
The Essential Ellison(1985) 
Mefisto in Onyx(1987) 
Night and the Enemy(1987) 
The Harlan Ellison Hornbook(1990) 
Dream Corridor(1996) 
Dreams with Sharp Teeth(2009) 
The Phantom Chronicles, Volume 2(2009) 
Pulling a Train(2012) 
Rough Beasts(2012) 
Honorable Whoredom at a Penny a Word(2013) 
Again, Honorable Whoredom at a Penny a Word (With: Jason Davis)(2014) 
The Top of the Volcano(2014) 
Can & Can’tankerous(2015) 
The Ephemeral Ellison(2019) 
Dimensions of Harlan Ellison(2019) 
The Ellison Treatment(2019) 


The City on the Edge of Forever(1977) 
I, Robot: The Illustrated Screenplay(1987) 
None of the Above(2012)

Graphic Novels

Harlan Ellison’s 7 Against Chaos (With: Paul Chadwick)(2013) 

Non-Fiction Books

The Thinking Machine(1905) 
Memos From Purgatory(1961) 
The Glass Teat(1970) 
The Other Glass Teat(1975) 
Sleepless Nights in the Procrustean Bed(1984) 
An Edge in My Voice(1985) 
Harlan Ellison’s Watching(1988) 
Working Without a Net(2020) 

Brain Movies Books

Brain Movies, Volume 2(2011) 
Brain Movies, Volume 1 (With: J. Michael Straczynski)(2011) 
Brain Movies, Volume 3(2013) 
Brain Movies, Volume 4(2013) 
Brain Movies, Volume 5(2013) 
Brain Movies, Volume 6 (With: Jason Davis)(2013) 
Brain Movies, Volume 7(2019) 
Brain Movies, Volume 8(2019) 

Dream Corridor Books

Dream Corridor Special(1995) 
Dream Corridor Quarterly(1996) 
Dream Corridor 1(1996) 
Dream Corridor 2 (By: Gerard Jones)(2007) 


Partners in Wonder(1971) 
Again, Dangerous Visions(1972) 
Again, Dangerous Visions 2(1973) 
The Horror Hall of Fame(1991) 
The Outer Limits, Volume One(1996) 
The Best American Mystery Stories of the Century(2000) 
A Century of Great Suspense Stories(2001) 
Son of Retro Pulp Tales(2009) 
Crucified Dreams(2011) 
Fear the Abyss(2012) 
Again, Honorable Whoredom at a Penny a Word(2014) 
Silent Night, Deadly Night(2016) 
Blood is Not Enough                             (2019) 
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