Helen Scales

Dr Helen Scales is a marine biologist, writer and broadcaster. She is author of the Guardian bestseller Spirals in Time, New York Times top summer read The Brilliant Abyss and the children’s books The Great Barrier Reef and What a Shell Can Tell. She writes for National Geographic Magazine, the Guardian, and New Scientist, among others. She teaches at Cambridge University, is a storytelling ambassador for the Save Our Seas Foundation and science advisor for the marine conservation charity Sea Changers. Helen divides her time between Cambridge, England, and the wild Atlantic coast of France.

Author website: http://helenscales.com/

Books in order of publication:

Poseidon’s Steed – 2009

Spirals in Time – 2015

11 Explorations into Life on Earth – 2017

Eye of the Shoal – 2018

Octopuses – 2019

The Great Barrier Reef – 2021

The Brilliant Abyss – 2021

What a Shell Can Tell – 2022

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