Henning Mankell

Henning Mankell is Swedish writer who became famous after the publication of the series that follow the life of Kurt Wallander. This fictional character has been portrayed on screen, as well, and made Mankell work on creating new stories about him for more than a decade. There are Swedish TV series, Swedish film series and British TV series based on the Mankell’s stories about Wallander, which are all famous among the viewers in Sweden and Great Britain. Recently, the world found out that Wallander is becoming an opera, as well.

The story of Wallander was born in 1989, when Mankell returned to Sweden from Africa and found a different Swedish society than the one he had left. Mankell was worried about the corruption and wanted to write about it. So, he created the police officer Kurt Wallander.

Books in order of publication:

Kurt Wallander Books

Faceless Killers(1991) 
The Dogs of Riga(1992) 
The White Lioness(1993) 
The Man Who Smiled(1994) 
The Fifth Woman(1996) 
One Step Behind(1997) 
The Troubled Man(2011) 
An Event in Autumn(2014) 

Kurt Wallander Collections

The Pyramid: The First Wallander Cases(2009)
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