Henry Blake Fuller

Henry Blake Fuller (January 9, 1857–July 28, 1929) was a United States novelist and short story writer, born in Chicago, Illinois.

Fuller’s earliest works were travel romances set in Italy that featured allegorical characters. Both The Chevalier of Pensieri–Vani (1890) and The Châtelaine of La Trinité (1892) bear some thematic resemblance to the works of Henry James, whose primary interest was in the contrast between American and European ways of life. Fuller’s first two books appealed to the genteel tastes of cultivated New Englanders such as Charles Eliot Norton and James Russell Lowell, who took Fuller’s work as a promising sign of a burgeoning literary culture in what was then still largely the frontier city of Chicago.

Books in order of publication:

The Cliff Dwellers – 1893

With the Procession – 1894

On the Stairs – 1918

Bertram Cope’s Year – 1919

From The Other Side; Stories Of Transatlantic Travel – 1969

Under the Skylights – 2007

The Puppet-Booth: Twelve Plays – 2010

Waldo Trench, and Others: Stories of Americans in Italy – 2013

Works of Henry Blake Fuller – 2013

The Chevalier of Pensieri-Vani: Together with Frequent References to the Prorege of Arcopia – 2015

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