Henry James

Henry James was an American writer who was the second child of Henry James, Sr., and Mary Walsh Robertson. His father Henry James Sr. was a son of an Irish immigrant who was very wealthy and to him education was the most important thing. Henry James was born on April 15, 1843, New York, U.S and died in London, England February 28, 1916. He had four siblings among them was the firstborn William James who was a psychologist and a pragmatist philosopher.

Books in order of publication:

Standalone Novels

Watch and Ward(1871) 
Roderick Hudson(1875) 
The American(1877) 
The Europeans(1878) 
Washington Square(1880) 
The Portrait of a Lady(1881) 
The Bostonians(1886) 
The Princess Casamassima(1886) 
The Reverberator(1888) 
The Tragic Muse(1890) 
The Spoils of Poynton(1896) 
The Other House(1896) 
What Maisie Knew(1897) 
The Awkward Age(1899) 
The Sacred Fount(1901) 
The Wings of the Dove(1902) 
The Ambassadors(1903) 
The Golden Bowl(1904) 
The Outcry(1911) 
The Ivory Tower(1917) 
The Sense of the Past(1917) 

Short Stories/Novellas

My Friend Bingham(1867) 
The Romance of Certain Old Clothes(1868) 
The Story of a Masterpiece(1868) 
A Passionate Pilgrim(1871) 
At Isella(1871) 
The Sweetheart of M. Briseux(1873) 
The Madonna of the Future(1873) 
Madame de Mauves(1874) 
The Last of the Valerii(1874) 
Osborne’s Revenge(1874) 
Professor Fargo(1874) 
Eugene Pickering(1874) 
Crawfords Consistency(1876) 
An International Episode(1876) 
Four Meetings(1877) 
Daisy Miller(1878) 
Longstaff’s Marriage(1878) 
The Diary of a Man of Fifty(1879) 
The Pension Beaurepas(1879) 
A Bundle of Letters(1879) 
The Point of View(1882) 
Georgina’s Reasons(1884) 
The Path of Duty(1884) 
The Author of Beltraffio(1884) 
The Lesson of the Master(1888) 
The Patagonia(1888) 
The Aspern Papers(1888) 
The Pupil(1891) 
Sir Edmund Orme(1891) 
The Real Thing(1892) 
Greville Fane(1892) 
Owen Wingrave(1892) 
Sir Dominick Ferrand(1892) 
The Private Life(1892) 
The Death of the Lion(1894) 
The Coxon Fund(1894) 
The Altar of the Dead(1895) 
The Figure in the Carpet(1896) 
John Delavoy(1898) 
In the Cage(1898) 
The Turn of the Screw(1898) 
The Great Condition(1899) 
The Great Good Place(1900) 
The Third Person(1900) 
Broken Wings(1900) 
The Tone of Time(1900) 
The Beldonald Holbein(1901) 
Mrs. Medwin(1901) 
The Beast in the Jungle(1903) 
The Birthplace(1903) 
The Marriages(1908) 
The Jolly Corner(1908) 
The Bench of Desolation(1909) 
Crapy Cornelia(1909) 
The Velvet Glove(1909) 
A Modern Warning / The Two Countries(2016) 

Short Story Collections

Selected Tales(1866) 
Complete Stories, 1864–1874(1874) 
Complete Stories, 1874–1884(1884) 
Complete Stories, 1884–1891(1891) 
Ghost Stories of Henry James(1898) 
Complete Stories, 1892–1898(1898) 
The Finer Grain(1910) 
Complete Stories, 1898–1910(1910) 
Selected Poems of Henry James(2002) 


Pyramus and Thisbe(1869)


A Small Boy and Others(1913) 
Notes of a Son and Brother(1914) 
The Middle Years(1917) 

Non-Fiction Books

The Novels of George Eliot(1866) 
How to Play Golf(1869) 
The Guest’s Confession(1872) 
The Complete Letters of Henry James, 1855–1872: Volume 1(1872) 
Parisian Sketches: Letters to the New York Tribune, 1875-1876(1875) 
The Complete Letters of Henry James, 1872–1876: Volume 2(1876) 
The Complete Letters of Henry James, 1872–1876: Volume 3(1876) 
The Suburbs of London(1877) 
French Poets and Novelists(1883) 
The Letters of Henry James, Volume II(1883) 
A Little Tour in France(1884) 
Partial Portraits(1888) 
The Painter’s Eye(1897) 
The Better Sort(1903) 
English Hours(1905) 
Traveling in Italy with Henry James(1907) 
Italian Hours(1909) 
The Art of the Novel(1909) 
Letters to Isabella Stewart Gardner(1914) 
Notes on Novelists with Some Other Notes by Henry James(1914) 
The Correspondence of Henry James and Henry Adams, 1877-1914(1914) 
Selected Letters of Henry James to Edmund Gosse, 1882 1915(1915) 
Henry James on Culture(1917) 
Letters to A.C. Benson and Auguste Monod(1930) 
William and Henry James: Selected Letters(1955) 
Selected Literary Criticism(1968) 
Collected Travel Writings(1993) 
The American Scene(1994) 
Within the Rim and Other Essays(2015) 
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