Henry Porter

Henry Porter was born in 1953.  He is  an English creator and columnist. He is an essayist of thrillers and was, until 2014, an editorialist for The Observer. He is also the British editorial manager of Vanity Fair.

In February 2009, he helped to establish the Convention on Modern Liberty. On the Orwell Prize’s news coverage waitlist for 2009, he composed the honor winning novel Brandenburg, additionally titled Brandenburg Gate.

Books in order of publication:

Robert Harland Books

A Spy’s Life(2001) 
Empire State(2003) 
Brandenburg / Brandenburg Gate(2005) 

House Of Skirl Books

The Master of the Fallen Chairs(2008) 

Paul Samson Books

White Hot Silence(2019) 
The Old Enemy(2021) 

Standalone Novels

Remembrance Day(1999)     
The Dying Light / The Bell Ringers(2009)
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