Holly Tierney-Bedford

Holly Tierney-Bedord is the author of over twenty books including Kindle Unlimited All-Star winner Sweet Hollow Women. She lives in Madison, Wisconsin.

My newest book is out now! Souvenirs of Starling Falls (book one in the Starling Falls series) introduces you to Courtney Shaw and her husband Tom. They’ve just bought their dream mansion at 313 Hawthorne Avenue in Starling Falls, Idaho. They’re excited to restore it and start a family. However, from the moment they move in, their relationship begins falling apart. It’s almost as if the house is changing them.

Books written by Holly Tierney-Bedford in order of publication:

Weekend in Windy Pines – Oct. 2020

In the Heart of Windy Pines – Dec. 2019

Souvenirs of Starling Falls: Book 1 in the Starling Falls Series – Oct. 2019

The Worst Couple in the World – Sept. 2019

Love, Pinky Bean (The Pinky Bean Chronicles Book 1) – Aug. 2019

I Will Follow Him: Oceanic Dreams Book 5 – July 2019

Little Miss Eyes of Blue – March 2019

Decorate this (Mini) Room: fun, easy, inexpensive dollhouse and miniature projects – Jan. 2019

Style this (Mini) Room: creative, simple ways to style doll houses and miniature rooms – Jan. 2019

Flip this Mini-House: Turning a flea market dollhouse into a mid-century marvel – Dec. 2018

A Christmas Date for Noelle: A Corny Sisters Book – Dec. 2018

The Woman America Loves a Latte – Nov. 2018

The Port Elspeth Jewelry Making Club – June 2018

Sweet Hollow Women – Nov. 2017

The Miraculous Power of Butter Cookies – Feb. 2017

Dogged by Love – Jan. 2017

Carnage at the Christmas Party – Dec. 2016

Murder at Mistletoe Manor – Oct. 2016

Wrestling with Romance – March 2016

Weekend Immune System – March 2016

Ring in the New Year – Jan. 2016

The Snowflake Advice Fairy – Dec. 2015

Run Away Baby – Dec. 2015

Right Under Your Nose:  A Christmas Story – Nov.  2015

Coached – Sept. 2015

Sunflowers & Second Chances – Sept. 2015

Bellamy’s Redemption – Aug. 2015

Surviving Valencia – Sept. 2012

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