Recommended Biographies

  • Ten Caesars by Barry Strauss.  In a single volume, Barry Strauss delivers the near-impossible: a straightforward, factual, insightful survey of the vast and turbulent history of Rome’s emperors from Augustus to Constantine. Any reader, from novice to expert, will arrive at the final page with a clearer understanding of the men (and sometimes women) who oversaw the shifting fortunes of Rome for over three hundred years.” Author: Steven Saylor, author of The Throne of Caesar and the New York Times bestseller Roma: The Novel of Ancient Rome.
  • The Catalogue of Shipwrecked Books by Edward Wilson-lee.   A biography of Hernando Columbus.  Illegitimate son of Christopher Columbus.   This is story and how he assembled the largest library in his day and created unique methods to catalog books. He collected everything that was printed in many languages. Many of the books were lost or destroyed but a portion of the library survives to this day.
  • Gulbenkian by John Lodwick.   This is a biography about an Armenian businessman. He used his connections with business leaders and politicians to help in the transformation of the oil industry. He had a patient view when investing and spent years maneuvering the British and French governments to secure an oil concession in that part of Turkey which later became Iraq. He ended up with a 5% commission on all oil pumped out of Iraq until WW2. He retired to Portugal but his money lives on in his private foundation. The author wrote this book shortly after his death in the 1950’s.
  • Hubert Humphrey by Arnold Offner.   A biography of Hubert Humphrey.  A mayor of Minneapolis, US Senator and a VP under President Johnson.   Interesting insights into Humphrey’s legislative record, his time as mayor of Minneapolis and state senator. It also covers how his was ignored by President Johnson while VP and Nixon’s actions during the campaign.
  • The Shadow of Vesuvius by Daisy Dunn.  A short biography of Pliny, the Younger, who lived in the 1st and 2nd centuries A.D. in Rome.  He is best known for his letters which survived from that time. His uncle was known for his collection of books about known world. Pliny the Younger was at Misenium when Vesuvius exploded in the 1st century A.D. and destroyed Herculaneum and Pompey. Pliny served as a judge and governor during the time of the Roman Emperor, Hadrian.
The Shadow Of Vesuvius (Hardcover)

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