Humphrey Hawksley

Humphrey Hawksley was born in 1964.  He is a journalist and an author. He is a familiar voice and face due to his work on tv and radio. He has reported on important trends, events, and conflicts all over the globe.

Books in order of publication:

Future History Books

Dragon Strike(1997) 
Dragon Fire(2000) 
The Third World War(2003) 

Agent Kat Polinski Thriller Books

The History Book / Security Breach(2007) 
Home Run(2013) 
Friends and Enemies(2013) 

Rake Ozenna Books

Man on Ice(2018) 
Man on Edge(2019) 
Man on Fire(2021) 

Standalone Novels

Ceremony of Innocence(1998) 
Absolute Measures(1999) 
Red Spirit(2001) 

Non-Fiction Books

Democracy Kills(2009) 
Asian Waters(2018) 
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