I F Stone

I. F. Stone (Isidor Feinstein Stone, December 24, 1907 – June 18, 1989) was a politically progressive American investigative journalist, writer, and author.[1][2]

He is best remembered for I. F. Stone’s Weekly (1953–71), a newsletter ranked 16th among the top hundred works of journalism in the U.S., in the twentieth century, by the New York University journalism department, in 1999; and second place among print journalism publications.

Books in order of publication:

The Court Disposes (1937)

Business as Usual (1941)

Underground to Palestine (1946)

This is Israel (1948)

The Killings at Kent State (1971)

The I. F. Stone’s Weekly Reader (1973)

The Trial of Socrates (Anchor Books, 1988)

A Nonconformist History of Our Times (Little, Brown and Company, 1989)

The War Years, 1939–1945.

The Hidden History of the Korean War, 1950–1951.

The Truman Era, 1945–1952.

The Haunted Fifties, 1953–1963.

In a Time of Torment, 1961–1967.

Polemics and Prophecies, 1967–1970.

The Best of I.F. Stone (PDF) (1st ed.). New York: Public Affairs. 2006.

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