Ian Bradley

Ian Campbell Bradley (born 28 May 1950) is a retired British academic, author, theologian, Church of Scotland minister, journalist and broadcaster. At the University of St Andrews, he was Professor of Cultural and Spiritual History, and was previously Principal of St Mary’s College and a University chaplain. He also served as the associate minister of Holy Trinity Church, St Andrews.

He has researched and written widely on religious matters, from Celtic Christianity to the future of spirituality in Britain. In addition, he has published works on the subjects of hymnody, monarchy, the Victorian era, Gilbert and Sullivan and musical theatre.

Books in order of publication:

Selected works

  • 1976: The Call to Seriousness: The Evangelical Impact on the Victorians
  • 1978: William Morris and His World
  • 1980: The Optimists: Themes and Personalities in Victorian Liberalism
  • 1981: Breaking the mould?: The Birth and Prospects of the Social Democratic Party
  • 1982: “The English Middle Classes are Alive and Kicking”
  • 1985: The Strange Rebirth of Liberal Britain
  • 1990: O Love That Wilt Not Let Me Go
  • 1990: God Is Green: Ecology for Christians
  • 1990: “The Penguin Book of Hymns”
  • 1992: Marching to the Promised Land: Has the Church a Future?
  • 1993: The Celtic Way
  • 1995: The Power of Sacrifice
  • 1996: The Complete Annotated Gilbert & Sullivan
  • 1996: Columba: Pilgrim and Penitent
  • 1997: Abide With Me: The World of Victorian Hymns
  • 1999: Celtic Christianity: Making Myths and Chasing Dreams
  • 2000: “The Penguin Book of Carols”
  • 2000: Colonies of Heaven: Celtic Models for Today’s Church (published in the United States as Celtic Christian Communities – Live the Tradition)
  • 2002: God Save the Queen: The Spiritual Dimension of Monarchy
  • 2004: You’ve Got to Have a Dream: The Message of the Musical
  • 2005: Oh Joy! Oh Rapture! The Enduring Phenomenon of Gilbert and Sullivan
  • 2006: Believing in Britain: The Spiritual Identity of ‘Britishness’
  • 2006: “The Daily Telegraph Book of Hymns”
  • 2006: “The Daily Telegraph Book of Carols”
  • 2007: Enlightened Entrepreneurs: Business Ethics in Victorian Britain
  • 2007: Believing in Britain: Overlapping Spiritual Identities
  • 2009: Pilgrimage: A Spiritual and Cultural Journey
  • 2010: Grace, Order, Openness and Diversity: Reclaiming Liberal Theology
  • 2010: Water Music: Making Music in the Spas of Europe and North America
  • 2012: Water: A Spiritual History
  • 2013: Lost Chords and Christian Soldiers: The Sacred Music of Arthur Sullivan
  • 2015: “Argyll: The Making of a Spiritual Landscape”
  • Health, Hedonism and Hypochondria: The Hidden History of Spas -2020
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