Ian Rankin

In the early 1980’s, Ian Rankin was a jack of all trades. He was a grape picker, a taxman, and a swineherd. Now he is one of the most widely known crime novelist in the United Kingdom. Creator of multiple novels and winner of countless literary awards, Rankin’s most lauded work is the inspector Rebus series. This series centered on the adventures of a cynical detective, has led to a 19 book series; several of which were adapted into a television series.

Books in order of publication by series:

Inspector Rebus Books

Knots and Crosses(1987) 
Hide and Seek(1991) 
A Good Hanging(1992) 
Strip Jack(1992) 
Tooth and Nail(1992) 
The Black Book(1993) 
Mortal Causes(1994) 
Let It Bleed(1995) 
Black and Blue(1997) 
The Hanging Garden(1998) 
Death is Not the End(1998) 
Dead Souls(1999) 
Set in Darkness(2000) 
The Falls(2001) 
Resurrection Men(2002) 
A Question of Blood(2003) 
Fleshmarket Alley(2004) 
The Naming of the Dead(2006) 
Exit Music(2007) 
Standing in Another Man’s Grave(2012) 
Saints of the Shadow Bible(2013) 
In the Nick of Time(2014) 
The Beat Goes On(2014) 
Even Dogs in the Wild(2015) 
Rather Be the Devil(2016) 
In a House of Lies(2018) 
Long Shadows (Play)(2019) 
A Song for the Dark Times(2020) 

Jack Harvey Books (as Jack Harvey)

Witch Hunt(1993) 
Blood Hunt(1995) 
Bleeding Hearts(2001) 

Malcolm Fox Books

The Complaints(2009) 
The Impossible Dead(2011) 

Standalone Novels

The Flood(1986) 
Doors Open(2008) 

Short Stories/Novellas

A Cool Head(2009) 
Meet and Greet(2016) 


Dark Road(2014)

Short Story Collections

Beggars Banquet(2002) 
A Good Hanging and Other Stories(2003) 

Non-Fiction Books

Rebus’s Scotland(2005) 

Hellblazer Graphic Novels

Dark Entries(2009)

Bibliomysteries Books

An Acceptable Sacrifice (By: Jeffery Deaver)(2012) 
The Travelling Companion(2016) 


Master’s Choice: Mystery Stories by Today’s Top Writers and the Masters Who Inspired Them(2000) 
Dangerous Women(2005) 
One City(2005) 
Ox-Tales: Earth(2009) 
The Killer Cookbook(2012) 
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