Jack Kramer

Jack Kramer is one of America’s foremost gardening experts with many books to his credit. For eight years he wrote a syndicated column for the Los Angeles Times. He is the author of the best-selling 1000 Beautiful Houseplants and Your Homemade Greenhouse. He lives in and Naples, Florida.

Books in order of publication:

Flowering House Plants Month by Month1967
How to Grow Orchids1970
Natural Dyes, Plants and Processes1972
Garden Planning for the Small Property1972
Grow your own plants: from seeds, cuttings, division, layering, and grafting1973
The Complete Book of Terrarium Gardening1974
How to Use Houseplants Indoors for Beauty and Decoration1974
Plants That Grow On Air1975
Begonias as House Plants1976
The Underground Gardener: A Low Cost Way to Year-Round Gardening Under Glass1976
The Indoor Gardener’s How To Build It Book1976
Escarole in the bedroom: Growing food plants indoors1977
Backyard Games: A Handbook For Homeowners And Gardeners1977
How to Grow African Violets1977
The suburban farmer’s handbook: A comprehensive guide to growing and preserving your own food and drink1977
Easy Plants for Difficult Places: In Apartments, Homes, and Offices1977
Cacti and Other Succulents1978
The Old Fashioned Cutting Garden: Growing Flowers For Pleasure And Profit1979
1000 Beautiful House Plants And How To Grow Them. 46 Plants In Color, 73 Black And White Photographs1982
Victorian Gardens1982
Your Garden in the City1988
The World Wildlife Fund Book Of Orchids1989
Easy Gardening: No Stress, No Strain1991
Know Your Houseplants1992
Orchids for the South: Growing Indoors and Outdoors1994
A Passion For Cactus1995
Women Of Flowers1996
Earthly Delights: Tubs of Tomatoes and Buckets of Beans1997
Orchids for Everyone1997
Botanical Orchids1998
Florida Exotics: Unusual Plants for Garden and Home1998
Easy-Care Guide to Houseplants1999
The Art of Flowers: A Celebration of Botanical Illustration, Its Masters and Methods2002
A Passion For Orchids: The Most Beautiful Orchid Portraits And Their Artists2002
100 Orchids for Florida2006
Complete Houseplants: Featuring over 200 Easy-Care Favorites2008
Container Gardener’s Companion: Growing Vegetables, Fruits, And Herbs Anywhere2010
Bromeliads for Home and Garden2011
Pocket Guide to Houseplants: Over 240 Easy-Care Favorites2019
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