James Holland

James Holland FRHistS (born 27 June 1970) is an English author and broadcaster who specializes in the history of World War II.

Holland has written both novels and non-fiction history books focusing on the Second World War and has presented documentary programming about WWII for television and radio.

He is also the co-founder, co-chair and program director of the annual Chalke Valley History Festival, which is the largest festival dedicated entirely to history in the UK.

Holland and Al Murray produce the We Have Ways Of Making You Talk podcast.

Books in order of publication:

Non-fiction for adults

  • Fortress Malta: An Island Under Siege 1940-43. 2003. London: Orion.
  • Together We Stand: North Africa 1942-1943, Turning the Tide in the West. 2005. London: HarperCollins.
  • Twenty-One: Coming of Age in the Second World War (retitled ‘Heroes: The Greatest Generation and the Second World War’ for paperback release). 2006. London: HarperCollins.
  • Italy’s Sorrow: A Year of War, 1944-1945. 2008. London: Harper Press.
  • The Battle of Britain: Five Months That Changed History, May – October 1940.  2010. London: Bantam Press.
  • Dam Busters: The True Story of the Inventors and Airmen Who Led the Devastating Raid to Smash the German Dams in 1943. 2013. London: Grove Press.
  • Burma ’44: The Battle That Turned Britain’s War in the East. 2016. London: Bantam Press.
  • Big Week: The Biggest Air Battle of World War Two.  2018. London: Bantam Press.
  • Normandy ‘44: D-Day and the Battle for France. 2019. London: Bantam Press.
  • Sicily ‘43: The First Assault on Fortress Europe. 2020. London: Bantam Press.
  • The War in the West
  • The War in the West – A New History, Volume 1: Germany Ascendant 1939-1941.  2015. London: Corgi.
  • The War in the West – A New History, Volume 2: The Allies Fight Back 1941-43. 2017. London: Corgi.
  •  Brothers in Arms: One Legendary Tank Regiment’s Bloody War From D-Day to VE-Day – 2021
  • Non-fiction for children

Ladybird Expert series

  • The Battle of Britain. illus. Keith Burns. 2017. London: Penguin Books.
  • Blitzkrieg. illus. Keith Burns. 2018. London: Penguin.
  • The Battle of the Atlantic. illus. Keith Burns. 2018. London: Penguin.
  • The Desert War. illus. Keith Burns. 2018. London: Penguin.
  • The Eastern Front 1941–1943. illus. Keith Burns. 2018. London: Penguin.
  • The Pacific War 1941-1943. illus. Keith Burns. 2019. London: Penguin.
  • Novels for adults
  • The Burning Blue. 2004. London: William Heinemann
  • A Pair of Silver Wings.  2006. London: William Heinemann.
  • Jack Tanner series
  • The Odin Mission.  2008. London: Bantam Press.
  • Darkest Hour. 2009. London: Bantam Press.
  • Blood of Honour. 2010. London: Bantam Press.
  • Hellfire. 2011.London: Bantam Press.
  • Devil’s Pact. 2013.London: Bantam Press.

Novels for young adults

Duty Calls: Dunkirk. 2011. London: Puffin.

Duty Calls: Battle of Britain 2012. London: Puffin.

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