James R. Benn

James R. Benn is one of the noteworthy authors from America who has written a number of successful books in the mystery and historical fiction genre. He is well known for writing down the Billy Boyle series set during the time of the World War 2nd.

Apart from being a writer, Benn has also worked as the director of a private library of family history called the Godfrey Memorial Library. Author Benn went on to publish his first book at the age of fifty. It was in the year 2000 and his debut novel was titled as ‘Desperate Ground’.

Books in order of publication:

Billy Boyle World War II Mysteries Books

Billy Boyle(2006) 
The First Wave(2007) 
Blood Alone(2008) 
Evil for Evil(2009) 
Rag and Bone(2010) 
A Mortal Terror(2011) 
Death’s Door(2012) 
A Blind Goddess(2013) 
The Rest is Silence(2014) 
The White Ghost(2015) 
Blue Madonna(2016) 
The Devouring(2017) 
Solemn Graves(2018) 
When Hell Struck Twelve(2019) 
The Red Horse(2020) 

Standalone Novels

Desperate Ground(2000) 
On Desperate Ground(2000) 
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