Jay Cardam

I was a High School Latin, Art History and Drama Teacher now retired and living in Cuenca Ecuador with my wonderful wife Bettye.

I first became interested in all things Roman when I was in grade school and received a tiny package of roman soldiers. By the time I got into middle school and was introduced to Mythology I was hooked! As a kid (and even into my teenage years) I had an active imaginary life…it was almost always Roman. Numerius Meridius Pulcher springs from that imagination. I hope you enjoy him.

Books in order of publication by series:

Numerius Meridius Pulcher and The Case of the Not So Virgin Vestal
(Numerius Mystery #1)
Numerius Meridius Pulcher and the Case of the Syrian Slaves and Slippery Slopes
(Numerius Mystery #2)
The Perfectly Prodigious Prefect
(Numerius Mystery #3)
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