Jean-Pierre Alaux

Jean-Pierre Alaux is a magazine, radio and television journalist when he is not writing novels in southwestern France. He is a genuine wine and food lover and recently won the Antonin Carême prize for his cookbook La Truffe sur le Soufflé, which he wrote with the chef Alexis Pélissou. He is the grandson of a winemaker and exhibits a real passion for wine and winemaking. For him, there is no greater common denominator than wine. He gets a sparkle in his eye when he talks about the Winemaker Detective series, which he writes with Noël Balen. It is a 20-strong series that is a hit on French television and is now being translated into English by Le French Book. The Dallas Public Library has the first 4 seasons of this tv show on DVD.

Books in order of publication by series:

Treachery in Bordeaux
(Winemaker Detective Mysteries #1)
Grand Cru Heist
(Winemaker Detective Mysteries #2)
Nightmare in Burgundy
(Winemaker Detective Mysteries #3)
Deadly Tasting
(Winemaker Detective Mysteries #4)
Cognac Conspiracies
Winemaker Detective Mysteries # 5)
Mayhem in Margaux
(Winemaker Detective Mysteries #6)
Flambé in Armagnac
(Winemaker Detective Mysteries #7)
Montmartre Mysteries
(Winemaker Detective Mysteries #8)
Deadly Tasting (Winemaker Detective Mysteries # 9)2005
Late Harvest Havoc
(Winemaker Detective Mysteries #10)
Tainted Tokay (Winemaker Mysteries #11)2006
Red-handed in romanée-Conti (Winemaker Mysteries # 12)
Requiem in Yquem
(Winemaker Detective Mysteries #13)
Foul Play in Vouvray (The Winemaker Detective Book 14)2019
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