Jeffrey Deaver

Jeffery Deaver was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1950. He was born from a mother who was a homemaker, and a father that worked as an advertising copywriter, which seems a bit of foreshadowing. He has one younger sister named Julie Deaver.

A remarkably interesting fact is that he completed his first (two chapter) book when he was as young as eleven years old. When he grew up, he chose to attend the University of Missouri to gain an education in his preferred field of study. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree focused on Journalism.

After graduation he worked in the field for a few years as a magazine writer. However, he aspired to work for The New York Times as a legal consultant but would not be taken seriously without an applicable degree. So, he enrolled in the Fordham Law School to study legal review. He graduated and worked as an attorney for a while with a popular Wall Street Firm.

As he settled into the long commute back and forth to work; he began writing the type of stories that he most loved to read. These just happened to be non-fiction novels. He enjoyed it so much and it was going so well that he later quit his job to do it all the time. Over the years his portfolio became expansive and includes poetry, musical lyrics, short stories, and twenty-two novels. He has received international awards and recognition for his work and is a highly celebrated author

Books in order of publication:

Rune Books

Manhattan Is My Beat(1988) 
Death of a Blue Movie Star(1990) 
Hard News(1991) 

John Pellam Books

Shallow Graves(1992) 
Bloody River Blues(1993) 
Hell’s Kitchen(2001) 

Lincoln Rhyme Books

The Bone Collector(1997) 
The Coffin Dancer(1998) 
The Empty Chair(2000) 
The Stone Monkey(2002) 
The Vanished Man(2003) 
The Twelfth Card(2005) 
The Cold Moon(2006) 
The Broken Window(2008) 
The Burning Wire(2010) 
The Kill Room(2013) 
The Skin Collector(2014) 
The Steel Kiss(2016) 
The Burial Hour(2017) 
The Cutting Edge(2018) 

Lincoln Rhyme Short Stories/Novellas

A Textbook Case(2013) 
Rhymes With Prey: Lincoln Rhyme vs. Lucas Davenport (With: John Sandford)(2014) 
The Deliveryman(2016) 

Kathryn Dance Books

The Sleeping Doll(2007) 
Roadside Crosses(2009) 
Solitude Creek(2015) 

James Bond Books

Carte Blanche(2011)

Colter Shaw Books

The Never Game(2019) 
The Second Hostage(2020) 
The Goodbye Man(2020) 

Standalone Novels

Mistress of Justice(1992) 
The Lesson of Her Death(1993) 
Praying for Sleep(1994) 
A Maiden’s Grave(1995) 
Speaking in Tongues(1995) 
The Devil’s Teardrop(1999) 
The Blue Nowhere(2001) 
Garden of Beasts(2004) 
Revenge is Sweet(2007) 
Murderous Affairs(2007) 
The Bodies Left Behind(2008) 
The October List(2013) 
The Debriefing(2020) 
Turning Point(2021) 

Short Stories/Novellas

An Acceptable Sacrifice(2012) 
The Sequel(2013) 
Where the Evidence Lies(2015) 
Double Cross(2017) 
Surprise Ending(2017) 
The Weapon(2018) 
The Victims’ Club(2018) 
Ninth and Nowhere(2019) 

Short Story Collections

More Twisted(2006) 
Triple Threat(2013) 
Trouble in Mind(2014) 

Non-Fiction Books

The Complete Law School Companion(1984)

Bibliomysteries Books

An Acceptable Sacrifice(2012) 
Death Leaves a Bookmark (By:William Link)(2012) 
What’s in a Name? (By:Thomas H. Cook)(2014) 
The Travelling Companion (By:Ian Rankin)(2016) 

Harold Middleton Books

The Chopin Manuscript(2007) 
The Copper Bracelet(2009) 
The Harold Middleton books are serial thrillers which are compiled by various authors.

Mystery and Crime Stories Books

The World’s Finest Mystery and Crime Stories 1(2000) 
The World’s Finest Mystery and Crime Stories 2(2000) 
The World’s Finest Mystery and Crime Stories 3(2002) 
The World’s Finest Mystery and Crime Stories 4(2003) 
The World’s Finest Mystery and Crime Stories 5(2004) 

Hush Collection Books

Treasure (By:Oyinkan Braithwaite)(2020) 
Snowflakes (By:Ruth Ware)(2020) 
Let Her Be (By:Lisa Unger)(2020) 
The Gift (By:Alison Gaylin)(2020) 
Slow Burner (By:Laura Lippman)(2020) 


The Best American Mystery Stories 1997(1997) 
The Best American Mystery Stories 1999(1999) 
The World’s Finest Mystery and Crime Stories 1(2000) 
The Best American Mystery Stories 2000(2000) 
A Century of Great Suspense Stories(2001) 
The World’s Finest Mystery and Crime Stories 3(2002) 
Much Ado About Murder(2002) 
A Hot And Sultry Night For Crime(2003) 
The World’s Finest Mystery and Crime Stories 4(2003) 
Dangerous Women(2005) 
A New Omnibus of Crime(2005) 
Killer Year: Stories to Die For…(2008) 
The Best American Mystery Stories 2009(2009) 
First Thrills(2010) 
No Rest for the Dead(2011) 
Mystery Writers of America Presents The Rich and the Dead(2011) 
The Killer Cookbook(2012) 
Mystery Writers of America Presents Ice Cold(2014) 
Manhattan Mayhem(2015) 
The Best American Mystery Stories 2015(2015) 
Silent Night, Deadly Night(2016) 
In Sunlight or In Shadow: Stories Inspired by the Paintings of Edward Hopper(2016) 
Odd Partners(2019) 
Nothing Good Happens After Midnight(2020) 
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