Jenn McKinlay

Jenn McKinlay is a pen name of the famous author Lucy Lawrence. She is the New York Times bestselling author, who got name and fame through her mystery series ‘Cupcake Bakery Mysteries’. Jenn has written three of the most successful mystery series of all time along with some other stand-alone novels. She uses other names such as Lucy Lawrence and Josie Belle as well for writing novels. Thriller and mystery genre books and novels are her specialty. The other well known novel series’ written by Jenn include the ‘Library Lover’s Mystery’ and the ‘Hat Shop Mystery’.

Books in order of publication by series:

Decoupage Murder Mysteries Books

Stuck on Murder(2009) 
Cut to the Corpse(2010) 
Sealed with a Kill(2011) 

Cupcake Bakery Mysteries Books

Sprinkle with Murder(2010) 
Buttercream Bump Off(2011) 
Death by the Dozen(2011) 
Red Velvet Revenge(2012) 
Going, Going, Ganache(2013) 
Sugar and Iced(2014) 
Dark Chocolate Demise(2015) 
Vanilla Beaned(2016) 
Caramel Crush(2017) 
Wedding Cake Crumble(2018) 
Dying for Devil’s Food(2019) 
Pumpkin Spice Peril(2020) 

Library Lover’s Mysteries Books

Books Can Be Deceiving(2011) 
Due or Die(2012) 
Book, Line and Sinker(2012) 
Read It and Weep(2013) 
On Borrowed Time(2014) 
A Likely Story(2015) 
Better Late Than Never(2016) 
Death in the Stacks(2017) 
Hitting the Books(2018) 
Word to the Wise(2019) 
One For The Books(2020) 

Good Buy Girls Books

50% Off Murder(2012) 
A Deal to Die For(2012) 
Buried in Bargains(2013) 
Marked Down for Murder(2014) 
All Sales Final(2015) 

Hat Shop Mysteries Books

Cloche and Dagger(2013) 
Death of a Mad Hatter(2014) 
At the Drop of a Hat(2015) 
Copy Cap Murder(2016) 
Assault and Beret(2017) 
Buried to the Brim(2020) 

Bluff Point Books

About a Dog(2017) 
Barking Up the Wrong Tree(2017) 
Every Dog Has His Day(2018) 

Happily Ever After Books

The Good Ones(2019) 
The Christmas Keeper(2019) 

Standalone Novels

Keeping Up Appearances(2005) 
To Catch a Latte(2018) 
Paris Is Always A Good Idea(2020) 

Short Story Collections

Perk Avenue/To Catch a Latte(2002)
A Real Work of Art/Thick as Thieves(2003)
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