Jennifer Chiaverini

Jennifer Chiaverini is a historical fiction author bestselling New York Times author best known for the “Elm Creek Quilts” series in addition to several collections of quilt patterns that were inspired by her novels. Some of Chiaverini’s quilt designs have been featured in “Quilt,” “Country Woman,” “Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Volumes 3-5,” while her short fiction has been featured in “Quilters Newsletter” and “Quiltmaker.”

She went to the University of Chicago and the University of Notre Dame where she got her Masters in English and Literature. Three courses at the University of Chicago that included “Contemporary Historical Fiction,” “Nineteenth-Century Women Novelists,” and “British Gothic Fiction” helped her understand historical fiction and become interested in authorship.

Books in order of publication:

Elm Creek Quilts Books

The Quilter’s Apprentice(1999) 
Round Robin(2000) 
The Cross-Country Quilters(2001) 
The Runaway Quilt(2002) 
The Quilter’s Legacy(2003) 
The Master Quilter(2004) 
The Sugar Camp Quilt(2005) 
The Christmas Quilt(2005) 
Circle of Quilters(2006) 
The New Year’s Quilt(2007) 
The Quilter’s Homecoming(2007) 
The Winding Ways Quilt(2008) 
The Quilter’s Kitchen(2008) 
The Lost Quilter(2009) 
A Quilter’s Holiday(2009) 
The Aloha Quilt(2010) 
The Union Quilters(2011) 
The Wedding Quilt(2011) 
The Giving Quilt(2012) 
Sonoma Rose(2012) 
The Christmas Boutique(2019) 

Elm Creek Quilts Short Stories/Novellas

The Quilter’s Ghost(2015) 
The Fabric Diary and The Runner’s Quilt(2016) 

Standalone Novels

The Spymistress(2013) 
Mrs. Lincoln’s Dressmaker(2013) 
Mrs. Lincoln’s Rival(2014) 
Mrs. Grant and Madame Jule(2015) 
Christmas Bells(2015) 
Fates and Traitors(2016) 
Enchantress of Numbers(2017) 
Resistance Women(2019) 
Mrs. Lincoln’s Sisters(2020) 

Non-Fiction Books

ELM Creek Quilts(2002) 
Return to Elm Creek(2004) 
More Elm Creek Quilts(2008) 
Traditions from Elm Creek Quilts(2011) 
An Elm Creek Quilts Companion(2013) 
Harriet’s Journey from ELM Creek Quilts(2020)
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