Jess Walter

Jess Walter is a New York Times bestselling American author who has written around 8 books in his career. He is well known to write his novels based on a variety of genres, including the mystery, thriller, nonfiction, literature and fiction genres. His success as an international author can be understood from the fact that he was the finalist for the National Book Award in the year 2006 and winner of the Edgar Allan Poe Award in the year 2005. Jess was also the finalist for the PEN and the USA Literary prize for his writing works based on fiction and nonfiction.

Books in order of publication:

Camden Books

Citizen Vince(2005) 
The Zero(2006) 

Caroline Mabry Books

Over Tumbled Graves(2001) 
Land of the Blind(2003) 

Standalone Novels

The Financial Lives of the Poets(2009) 
Beautiful Ruins(2012) 
The Cold Millions(2020) 

Short Story Collections

We Live in Water(2013)

Non-Fiction Books

Every Knee Shall Bow(1995) 
In Contempt(1996) 
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