Jessica Shaw

 I attended Texas State University, where I earned my bachelor’s degree in psychology, fell in love with writing poetry, and discovered a whole host of new—and old—authors to adore. I continued to love reading and creative writing after college, but it didn’t occur to me to try writing for publication.

Since graduating, I have held several different jobs…the most rewarding and most recent has been teaching preschool. I love, love, love sharing books and ideas and (fun!) life lessons with kids. They are the most awesome, perfect people! Which brings me to my writing…and why I’m so passionate about writing for children and teens. I consider it an honor to have the chance to impact kids with my stories and poems. I know from years of reading to my own children, as well as those in my classrooms, that sharing a book with a child on a regular basis is one of the most powerful tools for making emotional connections.

Books are springboards that can launch empowering, enlightening, magical moments with kids. Books are conversation- starting, cozy-bedtime-hugging, creativity-sparking, giggle-inducing, thought-provoking windows to the world, and I am blessed to be part of cultivating lifelong lovers of books!

Books in order of publication:

Dream Jobs in Sport Psychology, Rosen Publishing, 2018

​The Gross Science of Bad Breath and Cavities, Rosen Publishing, 2018.

​Careers in Social Justice, Rosen Publishing, 2019.

​Working in Health Services, Rosen Publishing, 2019.

​Shutting Down Bullies at Home, Rosen Publishing, 2020.

​Careers in Manufacturing, Rosen Publishing, 2020.

​Acquiring and Using Potions and Consumables in Fortnite(TM), Rosen Publishing, 2020.

The Silly Princess – 2021

The Great Cookie Kerfuffle – 2022

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