Jilly Cooper

Jilly Cooper, CBE (born 21 February 1937), is an English author. She began her career as a journalist and wrote numerous works of non-fiction before writing several romance novels, the first of which appeared in 1975. She is most famous for writing the Rutshire Chronicles.

Books in order of publication:


How to Stay Married (1969)

How to Survive from Nine to Five (1970)

Jolly Super (1971)

Men and Super Men (1972)

Jolly Super Too (1973)

Women and Super Women (1974)

Jolly Superlative (1975)

Supermen and Superwomen (1976)

Work and Wedlock (1977)

Superjilly (1977)

The British in Love (1979)

Class: A View from Middle England (1979)

Supercooper (1980)

Violets and Vinegar: An Anthology of Women’s Writings and Sayings (1980)

Intelligent and Loyal (1981)

Jolly Marsupial (1982)

Animals in War (1983)

The Common Years (1984)

On Rugby (1984; with Leo Cooper)

On Cricket (1985; with Leo Cooper)

Hotfoot to Zabriskie Point (1985; with Patrick Lichfield)

Horse Mania! (1986)

How to Survive Christmas (1986)

Turn Right at the Spotted Dog (1987)

Angels Rush In (1990)

Between the Covers (2020)


Emily (1975)

Bella (1976)

Harriet (1976)

Octavia (1977)

Imogen (1978)

Prudence (1978)

Lisa and Co. (1981; also known as Love and Other Heartaches)

‘Little Mabel’ series:

Little Mabel (1980)

Little Mabel’s Great Escape (1981)

Little Mabel Wins (1982)

Little Mabel Saves the Day (1985)

The Rutshire Chronicles:

Riders (1985)

Rivals (1988; also known as Players)

Polo (1991)

The Man Who Made Husbands Jealous (1993)

Appassionata (1996)

Score! (1999)

Pandora (2002)

Wicked! (2006)

Jump! (2010)

Mount! (2016)

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