John A. Connell

John was born in Atlanta, where he earned a BA in Anthropology, and has been a motion picture camera operator, a jazz pianist, a stock boy in a brassiere factory, a machinist, repairer of newspaper racks, and a printing-press operator. His first in the Mason Collins series was nominated for Barry Award, and he has received endorsements from the likes of Lee Child and Steve Berry. He divides his time between the U.S. and France, where he’s currently working on the fifth book in the Mason Collins series.

Author website:

Books in order of publication by series:

Madness in the Ruins (Mason Collins # 1)2015
Haven of Vipers (Mason Collins # 2)2016
Bones of the Innocent (Mason Collins # 3)2019
To Kill a Devil (Mason Collins # 4)2020
Good Night, Sweet Daddy-O: A historical crime thriller2020
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