John C. McManus

John C. McManus is a history author and an award-winning professor of military history at Missouri University. He’s among America’s known experts on the history of modern American soldiers in Combat. McManus served as an assistant director in the study of War and Society at the University of Tennessee.

Non-Fiction Books

The Deadly Brotherhood(1998) 
Deadly Sky(2000) 
The Americans at D-Day(2004) 
The Americans at Normandy(2004) 
Alamo in the Ardennes(2007) 
U.S. Military History for Dummies(2007) 
The 7th Infantry Regiment(2008) 
American Courage, American Carnage(2009) 
September Hope(2012) 
The Dead and Those About to Die(2014) 
Hell Before Their Very Eyes(2015) 
Fire and Fortitude(2019) 
Island Infernos(2021) 
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