John Crowley – American Science Fiction author

John Crowley /ˈkraʊli/ (born December 1, 1942) is an American author of fantasy, science fiction and historical fiction. He has also written essays. Crowley studied at Indiana University and has a second career as a documentary film writer.

Crowley is best known as the author of Little, Big (1981), a work which received World Fantasy Award for Best Novel and has been called “a neglected masterpiece” by Harold Bloom, and his Ægypt series of novels which revolve around the same themes of Hermeticism, memory, families and religion. Some of his nonfiction writing has appeared bimonthly in Harper’s Magazine in the form of his “Easy Chair” column, which ended in 2016.

Books in order of publication by series:


  • The Deep, Doubleday (1975), illustrated by John Cayea, and Anne Yvonne Gilbert in 1984
  • Beasts, Doubleday (1976), illustrated by John Cayea, and Anne Yvonne Gilbert in 1983
    • Engine Summer, Doubleday (1979) — John W. Campbell Memorial Award runner-up, American Book Award and BSFA Award finalist, 1980,[6] illustrated by Gary Friedman, and Anne Yvonne Gilbert in 1983
  • Little, Big, Bantam (1981) — 1982 World Fantasy Award and Mythopoeic Award winner; Locus runner-up; BSFA, Hugo, and Nebula nominee, illustrated by Anne Yvonne Gilbert in 1983
  • The Translator, William Morrow (2002)
  • Lord Byron’s Novel: The Evening Land, William Morrow (2005)
  • Four Freedoms, William Morrow (2009)
  • The Chemical Wedding: by Christian Rosencreutz: A Romance in Eight Days by Johann Valentin Andreae in a New Version, Small Beer Press (2016)
  • Ka: Dar Oakley in the Ruin of Ymr, Saga Press (2017) — Mythopoeic Award winner; World Fantasy Award nominee

The Ægypt Cycle

  • Ægypt, Bantam (1987); revised and republished 2007 under intended original title, The Solitudes — 1988 World Fantasy Award and Arthur C. Clarke Award nominee.
  • Love & Sleep, Bantam (1994); revised 2008 — 1995 WFA nominee
  • Dæmonomania, Bantam (2000); revised 2008
  • Endless Things, Small Beer Press (2007); revised 2009 — 2008 Locus Award fifth place.]


Crowley’s short story “Flint and Mirror” (2018) was presented as “recently discovered among uncatalogued papers of the novelist Fellowes Kraft” (one of the Ægypt’s protagonists).

Short fiction

  • “Antiquities” (1977, in Whispers: An Anthology of Fantasy and Horror)
  • “Somewhere to Elsewhere” (1978 but printed as 1977, in The Little Magazine; an earlier draft of part of the first chapter and all of the second chapter of Little, Big)
  • “Where Spirits Gat Them Home” (1978, in Shadows anthology; later revised as “Her Bounty to the Dead”)
  • “The Single Excursion of Caspar Last” (1979, in Gallery magazine; later incorporated into “Great Work of Time”)
  • “The Reason for the Visit” (1980, in Interfaces anthology)
  • “The Green Child” (1981, in Elsewhere anthology)
  • “Novelty” (1983, in Interzone magazine)
  • “Snow” (1985, in Omni magazine) — 1985 Locus Award third place[6]
  • “The Nightingale Sings at Night” (1989, in Novelty)
  • “Great Work of Time” (novella, 1989, in Novelty), Bantam (1991) — 1990 World Fantasy Award and 1999 Grand Prix de l’Imaginaire winner
  • “In Blue” (novella, 1989, in Novelty)
  • “Missolonghi 1824” (1990, in Isaac Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine)
  • “Exogamy” (1993, in Omni Best Science Fiction Three anthology)
  • “Gone” (1996, in The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction) — 1997 Locus Award winner.
  • “Lost and Abandoned” (1997, in Black Swan, White Raven anthology)
  • “An Earthly Mother Sits and Sings” (2000, published as an original chapbook by Dreamhaven Press, illustrated by Charles Vess)
  • “The War Between the Objects and the Subjects” (2002, in J. K. Potter’s Embrace the Mutation anthology)
  • “The Girlhood of Shakespeare’s Heroines” (novella, 2002, in Conjunctions: 39, The New Wave Fabulists, edited by Peter Straub), Subterranean Press (2005)
  • “Little Yeses, Little Nos” (2005, in The Yale Review)
  • “Conversation Hearts” (2008; published as a chapbook by Subterranean Press)
  • “And Go Like This” (2011, in Naked City anthology)
  • “Tom Mix” (vignette, 2012, online; republished as “In the Tom Mix Museum”)
  • “Glow Little Glowworm” (2012, in Conjunctions: 59, Colloquy)
  • “The Million Monkeys of M. Borel” (2016, in Conjunctions: 67, Other Aliens)
  • “This Is Our Town” (2017, in Totalitopia)
  • “Mount Auburn Street” (2017, in The Yale Review)
  • “Spring Break” (2017, in New Haven Noir anthology) — 2018 Edgar Award winner
  • “Flint and Mirror” (2018, in The Book of Magic anthology)
  • “Anosognosia” (2019, in And Go Like This)


  • Novelty, Bantam (1989); collects “The Nightingale Sings At Night”, “Great Work of Time”, “In Blue” and the previously published “Novelty”.
  • Antiquities: Seven Stories, Incunabula (1993); collects all of his stories to that point which were not included in Novelty.
  • Novelties and Souvenirs: Collected Short Fiction, Perennial (2004); collects all of his short fiction up to that point, with the exception of “The Girlhood of Shakespeare’s Heroines”.
  • Totalitopia, PM Press (2017); collects four stories (“This Is Our Town”, “Gone”, “In the Tom Mix Museum”, “And Go Like This”), three essays and the interview.
  • And Go Like This: Stories, Small Beer Press (2019)


  • Beasts/Engine Summer/Little Big, QPBC (1991)
  • Three Novels (1994; later published as Otherwise: Three Novels by John Crowley. It includes The Deep, Beasts, Engine Summer).


  • The World of Tomorrow (1984)
  • Fit: Episodes in the History of the Body (1990, with Laurie Block)


Essay collections

  • In Other Words, Subterranean Press (2007)
  • Reading Backwards: Essays & Reviews, 2005-2018, Subterranean Press (2019)
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