John Grigg

John Edward Poynder Grigg (15 April 1924 – 31 December 2001) was a British writer, historian and politician. He was the 2nd Baron Altrincham from 1955 until he disclaimed that title under the Peerage Act on the day it received the Royal Assent in 1963.

Grigg edited the National and English Review (1954–1960) as his father had done. He was a liberal Tory but was defeated at the 1951 and 1955 general elections. In an article for the National and English Review in August 1957, Grigg argued that Queen Elizabeth II‘s court was too upper-class and British, and instead advocated a more “classless” and Commonwealth court. His article caused a furore and was attacked by the majority of the press, with a minority, including the New Statesman and Ian Gilmour‘s The Spectator, agreeing with some of Grigg’s ideas.

He left the Conservative Party for the Social Democratic Party (SDP) in 1982.

Books in order of publication:

Lloyd George: The Young Lloyd George1973
Lloyd George: The People’s Champion, 1902-19111978
1943: The Victory That Never Was1980
Nancy Astor: A Lady Unashamed1980
Lloyd George: From Peace to War, 1912-19161985
The History of the “Times”, vol. 6. The Thomson years, 1966-19811993
Champion Redoubtable: The Diaries & Letters of Violet Bonham Carter, 1914-451998
Lloyd George: The Last Best Hope of the British Empire1999
Lloyd George: War Leader, 1916-19182002
British Colonial America: People and Perspectives2008
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