John L. Williams

John Lincoln Williams (born 12 May 1961) is a Welsh writer who has published as John Williams, John L. Williams, and John Lincoln.

Books in order of publication:


Into the Badlands (Paladin, 1991)

Bloody Valentine (HarperCollins, 1994)

Michael X: a Life in Black and White (Century, 2008)

Miss Shirley Bassey (Quercus, 2010)

Bloody Valentine (Updated Edition) (Oldcastle Books, 2021)

C.L.R. James: A Life Beyond the Boundaries (Constable, 2022).


Five Pubs, Two Bars and a Nightclub (Bloomsbury, 1999)

Cardiff Dead (Bloomsbury, 2000)

The Prince of Wales (Bloomsbury 2003)

Temperance Town (Bloomsbury, 2004)

The Cardiff Trilogy (Bloomsbury, 2006) (an omnibus volume collecting Five Pubs, Two Bars and a Nightclub; Cardiff Dead; and The Prince of Wales)

Fade to Grey (No Exit Press, 2019) (under “John Lincoln”)

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