Josephine Tey

Josephine Tey was the pen name of author Elizabeth Mackintosh.  She wrote her novels under this pseudonym. She was famous for writing mystery novels set during World War I. She adopted another pseudonym of Gordon Daviot for writing interesting mystery novels.  Tey was born in the year 1896 in Inverness, Scotland, UK. She wrote six novels based on mystery and thriller genres most of which revolve around the life of the fictional character Alan Grant who is an Inspector in Scotland Yard.

Books in order of publication:

Alan Grant Books

The Man in the Queue(1929) 
A Shilling for Candles(1936) 
The Franchise Affair(1948) 
To Love and Be Wise(1950) 
The Daughter of Time(1951) 
The Singing Sands(1952) 

Standalone Novels

Kif: An Unvarnished History(1929) 
The Expensive Halo(1931) 
Miss Pym Disposes(1946) 
Brat Farrar(1949) 
The Privateer(1952)
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