Justin Richards

Justin Richards (born 14 September 1961) is a British writer. He has written science fiction and fantasy novels, including series set in Victorian or early-20th-century London, and adventure stories set in the present day. He has written many spin-off novels, reference books and audio plays based on the long-running BBC science fiction television series Doctor Who, and he is Creative Consultant for the BBC Books range of Doctor Who novels.

Books in order of publication:

For Virgin Books

Virgin New Adventures

Theatre of War (1994)

Dragons’ Wrath (1997)

The Medusa Effect (1998)

Tears of the Oracle (1999)

The Joy Device (1999)

The Doomsday Manuscript (2000) — featuring Professor Bernice Summerfield

Virgin Missing Adventures

System Shock (1995)

The Sands of Time (1996)

Virgin Decalog

Decalog 3, Consequences (1996) (editor, with Andy Lane)

Decalog 4, Re:generations (1997) (editor, with Andy Lane)

Dependence Day (Decalog 4, Re:generations, 1997) (with Andy Lane)

For BBC Books

Past Doctor Adventures

Dreams of Empire (1998)

Millennium Shock (1999)

Grave Matter (2000)

The Shadow in the Glass (2001) (with Stephen Cole)

Eighth Doctor Adventures

Option Lock (1998)

Demontage (1999)

The Banquo Legacy (2000) (with Andy Lane)

The Burning (2000)

Time Zero (2002)

Sometime Never… (2004)

New Series Adventures

Ninth Doctor

The Clockwise Man (2005)

The Deviant Strain (2005)

Tenth Doctor

The Resurrection Casket (2006)

Martha in the Mirror (2008)

Eleventh Doctor

Apollo 23 (2010)

Plague of the Cybermen (2013)

Twelfth Doctor

Silhouette (2014)

Quick Reads

Code of the Krillitanes (2010)

The Darksmith Legacy

1: The Dust of Ages (2009)

4: The Depths of Despair (2009)

7: The Planet of Oblivion (2009)

10: The End of Time (2009)

Graphic novels

The Only Good Dalek (2010) (with artist Mike Collins)

Activity books

Time Lord in Training (2007) — with press-out and make models

Reference books

The Book of Lists (1997) (with Andrew Martin)

The Legend (2003)

The Legend Continues (2005)

The Doctor Who Monsters Books

1: Monsters And Villains (2005)

2: Aliens and Enemies (2006)

3: Creatures and Demons (2007)

4: Starships and Spacestations (2008)

The Ultimate Monster Guide (2009) — a collection of reworked extracts from the earlier books together with new material.

“Doctor Who: The Secret Lives of Monsters” (Oct., 2014)

Doctor Who Files

Taking Mickey in 5: Mickey (2006) (main writer Moray Laing)

A Dog’s Life in 6: K-9 (2006) (main writer Jacqueline Rayner)

Mission to Galacton in 7: The Daleks (2006) (main writer Jacqueline Rayner)

Going off the Rails in 8: The Cybermen (2006) (main writer Jacqueline Rayner)

Needle Point in 9: Martha (2007) (main writer Moray Laing)

10: Captain Jack (2007) including the story Best Friends

Birth of a Legend in 11: The Cult of Skaro (2007) (main writer Matt Kemp)

12: The TARDIS (2007) including the story The Secret of the Stones

13: The Sontarans (2008) including the story Blind Terror

Disappearing Act in 14: The Ood (2008) (main writer Moray Laing)

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