Karen Odden

Karen Odden is an American published author.

Odden has long sustained an interest when it comes to the historical era of the Victorian age. She also has an interest of railway crashes in particular. This goes all the way back to when she was writing her doctoral dissertation at New York University. This was where she explored through writing how representations (parliamentary, medical, and literary) of various railway disasters sparked a discourse. Odden argues that it was this ensuing discourse that allowed Freud and similar professionals to come up with and shape their idea of trauma.

The author resides in Arizona in the Scottsdale area. She is married to her husband. They have two children together and share a beagle dog that they have named Rosy.

Books in order of publication:

Victorian Mystery Books

A Lady in the Smoke(2016) 
A Dangerous Duet(2018) 
A Trace of Deceit(2019)
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