Kate Elliott

Kate Elliott is the pseudonym used by the successful American author Alis A. Rasmussen for writing interesting novels based on the science fiction, romance, young adult, and fantasy genres. She has flourished in her writing career with several widely popular novel series’.

Kate was born in the year 1958 in Junction City, Oregon, United States. In the beginning, she used to write science fiction novels under her original name. But, after a few moderate successes, the publishers stopped publishing her novels as they were looking for fresh name. Hence, Rasmussen became Kate Elliott in the year 1992 and began writing fantasy novels.

Books in order of publication by series:

Highroad Trilogy Books

A Passage of Stars(1990) 
Revolution’s Shore(1990) 
The Price of Ransom(1990) 

Jaran Books

An Earthly Crown(1993) 
His Conquering Sword(1993) 
The Law of Becoming(1994) 

Golden Key Universe Books

The Golden Key(1996)

Crown Of Stars Books

King’s Dragon(1997) 
Prince of Dogs(1998) 
The Burning Stone(1999) 
The Gathering Storm(2000) 
Child of Flame(2000) 
In the Ruins(2005) 
Crown of Stars(2006) 

Crossroads Books

Spirit Gate(2006) 
Shadow Gate(2008) 
Traitors’ Gate(2009) 

Spiritwalker Books

Cold Magic(2010) 
Cold Fire(2011) 
Cold Steel(2013) 

Black Wolves Books

Black Wolves(2015)

Court Of Fives Books

Court of Fives(2015) 
Night Flower(2015) 
Poisoned Blade(2016) 
Bright Thrones(2017) 
Buried Heart(2017) 

Sun Chronicles Books

Unconquerable Sun(2020) 

Standalone Novels

The Labyrinth Gate (As: Alis Rasmussen)(1988)

Short Story Collections

The Very Best of Kate Elliott(2014) 

Magic: The Gathering Books

Arena (By:William R. Forstchen)(1994) 
The Prodigal Sorcerer (By:Mark Sumner)(1995) 
Dark Legacy (By:Robert E. Vardeman)(1996) 
Shadowmoor (By:Susan J. Morris)(2008) 
Throne of Eldraine(2019)
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