Kate Kennedy – English Biographer

Biographer and broadcaster Kate Kennedy is a Research Fellow at the University of Oxford, and Associate Director of the Oxford Centre for Life-writing.

She has published widely on twentieth century music and literature, is a regular presenter on history and culture for the BBC, and the author of Dweller in Shadows: a life of Ivor Gurney (Princeton University Press, 2021). She is the co-editor with Dame Hermione Lee of Lives of Houses (Princeton, 2020), editor of Literary Britten (Boydell, 2018), and co-editor of The Silent Morning: Culture and Memory after the Armistice 1918 (Manchester University Press, 2016).

Books in order of publication:

The silent morning: Culture and memory after the Armistice – 2013

Literary Britten: Words and Music in Benjamin Britten’s Vocal Works – 2018

Lives of Houses – 2020

Dweller in Shadows: A Life of Ivor Gurney – 2021

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