Katee Robert

Katee Roberts is one of the USA Today and New York Times Bestselling author.  She has written many novels based on the science fiction & fantasy, and romance genres.

Author website: http://www.kateerobert.com

Books in order of publication:

Arrogant Heirs Books

Make Me Want(2018) 
Make Me Crave(2018) 
Make Me Yours(2019) 
Make Me Need(2019) 

Bad Boy Homecoming Books

Prom Queen(2017) 
Honor (By:Kennedy Layne)(2017) 
Rock Star (By:Stacey Kennedy)(2017) 

Bloodline Vampires Books


Come Undone Books

Wrong Bed, Right Guy(2012) 
Two Wrongs, One Right(2013) 
Chasing Mrs. Right(2013) 
Seducing Mr. Right(2014) 

Dark Olympus Books

Neon Gods(2021) 
Electric Idol(2022) 
Wicked Beauty(2022) 

A Deal With A Demon Books

The Dragon’s Bride(2022) 
The Kraken’s Sacrifice(2022) 

Eden’s War Books

Hunter of the Dead(2012)

Foolproof Love Books

Foolproof Love(2016) 
Fool Me Once(2016) 
A Fool for You(2016) 

Gone Wild Books

Kissing Kendall(2020) 
Gaming Grace (By:Piper J. Drake)(2020) 
Attracting Aubrey (By:Avery Flynn)(2020) 
Loving Liv (By:Stacey Kennedy)(2020) 

Hidden Sins Books

The Devil’s Daughter(2017) 
The Hunting Grounds(2017) 
The Surviving Girls(2018) 

Hot In Hollywood Books

Ties That Bind(2017) 
Animal Attraction(2017) 

Island Of Ys Books

His Forbidden Desire(2019) 
Her Rival’s Touch(2019) 
His Tormented Heart(2019) 
Her Vengeful Embrace(2019) 

Kings Books

The Last King(2018) 
The Fearless King(2019) 

Match Me Books

Meeting His Match(2014)

O’Malleys Books

The Marriage Contract(2015) 
The Wedding Pact(2016) 
An Indecent Proposal(2016) 
Forbidden Promises(2017) 
Undercover Attraction(2017) 
The Bastard’s Bargain(2018) 

Out Of Uniform Books

In Bed with Mr. Wrong(2014) 
His to Keep(2014) 
Falling for His Best Friend(2015) 
His Lover to Protect(2015) 
His to Take(2015) 

Sabine Valley Books


Sanctify Books

The High Priestess(2012) 
Queen of Swords(2012) 
Queen of Wands(2013) 
Queen of Pentacles(2015) 

Scandalous Scions Books

The Bastard’s Betrayal(2021)

Sea King’s Daughters Books

Siren’s Tide (By:Philippa Ballantine)(2018)
Siren’s Serenity (By:Stacia D. Kelly)(2018) 
Siren’s Curse(2018) 
Siren’s Calling (By:Piper J. Drake)(2018) 
Siren’s Surge (By:Lauren Harris)(2018) 
Siren’s Storm (By:Asa Maria Bradley)(2018) 

Serve Books

Owned by Fate (By:Tessa Bailey)(2014) 
Exposed by Fate (By:Tessa Bailey)(2014) 
Mistaken by Fate(2014) 
Betting on Fate(2014) 
Driven by Fate (By:Tessa Bailey)(2015) 
Protecting Fate(2015) 
Rules of Seduction (By:Joya Ryan)(2015) 

Thalanian Dynasty Books

Theirs for the Night(2018) 
Forever Theirs(2018) 
Theirs Ever After(2018) 
Their Second Chance(2018) 

Touch Of Taboo Books

Your Dad Will Do(2020) 
Gifting Me To His Best Friend(2020) 
My Dad’s Best Friend(2020) 
Seducing My Guardian(2021) 

Wicked Villains Books

Desperate Measures(2019) 
Learn My Lesson(2019) 
A Worthy Opponent(2020) 
The Beast(2020) 
The Sea Witch(2020) 
Queen Takes Rose(2020) 
Wicked Villain Shorts(2020) 

Wedding Dare Books

Dare to Resist (By:Laura Kaye)(2014)
Seducing the Bridesmaid(2014) 
Baiting the Maid of Honor (By:Tessa Bailey)(2014) 
Best Man with Benefits (By:Samanthe Beck)(2014) 


Court of the Vampire Queen(2022) 

Blurred Lines Books

Silver Lining (By:Aleatha Romig)(2022) 
Shared By My Neighbors(2022) 


The Sea King’s Daughters: Collection 1(2018) 
Triple Dare(2018) 
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