Kazuo Ishiguro

A British author, Kazuo Ishiguro has a long and extensive career behind him, with plenty of award-winning novels under his belt. Having been born in Japan in Nagasaki, he moved to England at a young age, something which has been reflected in his work over the years. Focusing on a range of genres, he’s never limited himself to just one field and area of literature, creating an identity that’s all of his very own.

Books in order of publication:

Standalone Novels

A Pale View of Hills(1982) 
An Artist of the Floating World(1986) 
The Remains of the Day(1989) 
The Unconsoled(1995) 
When We Were Orphans(2000) 
Never Let Me Go(2005) 
The Buried Giant(2015) 
Klara and the Sun(2021) 

Short Stories/Novellas

Come Rain or Come Shine(2019)

Short Story Collection

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