Keith Jeffery

Keith Jeffery, MRIA was a Northern Irish historian specializing in modern British, British Imperial, and Irish history. He obtained his BA, MA, and PhD (1978) degrees from St. John’s College, Cambridge, the latter under the supervision of John Andrew Gallagher, and was Professor of British history at Queen’s University Belfast.

Books in order of publication:

States of Emergency: British governments and strikebreaking since 1919 (London, 1983) (co-editor with Peter Hennessy)

The British Army and the crisis of Empire, 1918–1922 (Manchester, 1984).

The Military Correspondence of Field Marshal Sir Henry Wilson (Army Record Society, 1985) (Edited).

Northern Ireland since 1968 (Oxford, 1988) (co-author with Paul Arthur)

Men, Women, and War (Dublin, 1993) (co-editor with T. G. Fraser)

A military history of Ireland (Manchester, 1996) (co-editor with Thomas Bartlett)

An Irish empire? Aspects of Ireland and the British Empire (Manchester, 1996) (editor)

Ireland and the Great War (Cambridge, 2000)

The GPO and the Easter Rising (Dublin, 2006)

Field Marshal Sir Henry Wilson: a political soldier (Oxford, 2006)

MI6: The history of the Secret Intelligence Service, 1909–1949 (Bloomsbury, 2010) (published in the United States and Canada as The Secret History of MI6 [Penguin Press, 2010])

1916: A global history (Bloomsbury, 2015)

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