Kerri Maniscalco

An American writer of Young Adult fiction, the novelist Kerri Maniscalco is an extremely versatile author, known for her fun and inventive brand of escapist fantasy novels. Along with that, she is also well regarded for her engaging style that moves along at a brisk and easy pace, drawing her readers in and keeping them there.

With themes and ideas that really stick with the reader, they manage to leave a lasting impact that is felt long after they have finished the book too. This, along with her well drawn characters, goes some way towards explaining how it is that she has gone on to become one of the most well-regarded authors within her field to date. Clearly knowing and understanding her audience on a most fundamental level, she can convey exactly what she wants to say in an articulate and concise manner.

Books in order of publication:

Kingdom of the Wicked Books

Kingdom of the Wicked(2020) 

Stalking Jack the Ripper Books

Stalking Jack the Ripper(2016) 
Hunting Prince Dracula(2017) 
Escaping from Houdini(2018) 
Becoming the Dark Prince(2019) 
Capturing the Devil(2019)
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