Kevin Barry

Author Kevin Barry was born in Limerick in the year 1969 and lives in Dublin. He pens columns and sketches for the Irish Examiner in Cork and the Sunday Herald in Glasgow.

He spent much of his youth traveling, and lived at seventeen addresses by the time he was just 36 years old. He lived in places like Barcelona, Cork, Liverpool, and Santa Barbara before he settled in Sligo, buying and renovating a run-down Royal Irish Constabulary barracks. He settled down mainly because it was getting tougher to move large amounts of his books from one house to another.

While living in Cork, he worked as a freelance journalist, where he contributed a regular column to the Irish Examiner. In an effort to become an author, he bought a caravan and parked it in some field in West Cork, where he spent half a year penning what he called a “terrible novel”.

Kevin tried to just let loose while writing “City of Bohane”, in many ways, too. He only realized that it was going to set in the future while writing the first few chapters. It was liberating for him, as he could do whatever he wanted with it.

Books in order of publication by series:

Standalone Novels

City of Bohane(2011) 
Night Boat to Tangier(2019) 


There are Little Kingdoms(2007) 
Dark Lies the Island(2012) 

Short Stories/Novellas

Wifey Redux(2015)
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