Kevin J. Anderson

Kevin J Anderson was born in a place called Racine in Wisconsin. His date of birth is March 27 1962. From childhood Kevin has been raised in Oregon Wisconsin which is a small town south of Madison. According to him the environment was a cross between a Ray Bradbury short story and a Norman Rockwell panting.

The dream of becoming a writer came to him at the age of 5. That is when he started showing the urge to write fiction. Even before he could write, little Kevin drew pictures from a movie he saw called “war of the worlds”. It was a movie that inspired him from a really young age. With a note pad he started drawing. Then he spread out the drawings on the floor so that he could present to everyone the story he had just conjured. This early trait might have been the reason why he got into writing comics 3 decades later.

There was a typewriter in his fathers den. With it, Kevin wrote his first novel which was 3 pages long. At this stage he was only 8 years old. The story was called “the injection” it was a story about a mad scientist. This scientist invents a formula that can bring anything to life. The colleagues of this mad scientist are skeptical of such a claim. Infuriated, the mad scientist pours his formula on wax monsters and dinosaur skeletons. The incarnated creatures start a rampage!

When he was ten years old Kevin faced a dilemma. He had saved up some money from odd jobs and mowing the lawn. With that money he had the option of buying a bicycle or a typewriter. Kevin was quick to pick the typewriter. He has been writing ever since.

Kevin submitted his first short story to a magazine when he was a freshman in high school. He got rejected 80 times. Finally he got his story to be accepted when he became a senior. It had been 2 years since he had started applying. For his first ever accepted story, he was paid 12.50 dollars. After that he went on a roll never slowing down till this day. The name of his first novel was Resurrection, Inc. it was complete by the time he was 25 years old.

While working in California for 12 years, Kevin met Rebecca Moesta who he married. he also met Doug Breason there who become his coauthor. He kept writing, There was never a point in time when he stopped. By the time he had published 10 of his own science fiction novels, Lucasfilm spotted him and offered him a scope to write Star War novels. Kevin did 54 projects for them. It was not all butterflies and sunshine for him. Rather, it was a grueling experience for him as he had collected 750 rejection slips and an award as a writer with no future. This was because he had more rejection slips than any other writer in the entire conference. He was not looking for a lucky break. Kevin’s game plan was persistence.

The heavyweight writer along with his equally successful wife eventually left California and moved to Colorado. The have been in Colorado for 2 decades now. He is always active. Camping and hiking are among the activities that he enjoys. He doesn’t stop writing though. Even if he is hiking, he will have a recorder to create his literature.

2 classic novels by K.J.A

There really is no end to the sheer volume of work that can be brought out under the writers name. This countless award winning genius pours out like the fountain of youth. The man will surely live for ever in the vast universe that he has created. 2 old novels have been brought forward to remind fans of the old days and like most of Kevin J Anderson’s work, these two pieces are great reads that satisfy the mind and soul. The following novels are called “ the trinity paradox” of 1991 and “resurrection inc.” of 1988

The Trinity Paradox 1991

An Activist named Elizabeth Devane hated nuclear weapons. She wanted to get rid of them in any way she could. She was naive and thought that maybe the overall consequences were not taken into consideration. Maybe the scientists of the Manhattan project would not have created atrocities of such unfathomable scale if they know what could happen. It was not long until she was proven wrong. During a protest movement everything changed. There was a flash of light followed by silence and confusion. When Elizabeth woke up she was in a desolate desert. Things did not seem right at first but she soon realized that she was sent back into the past somehow. It was June 1944 and the location was Los Alamos, New Mexico. The world was at war. The allies were fighting the pacific and beginning to start the Normandy invasion in Europe. Nazi Germany some how are not the same as they were portrayed in WWII. They some how got their hands on nuclear weapons and were to use it against America. In this time and reality Liz had been given the chance to get rid of the problem at the route. Still the task was a deadly one if it were to be executed right. She forgets her fears and gets ready for the greatest sabotage in the worlds history.

Resurrection, Inc. 1988

The book takes us into the future to a time when the dead are brought back to make them slaves. This is possible by giving them a microprocessor brain, a synthetic heart and artificial blood. They can be turned into mindless servants that wealthy people can afford to have. The idea is popular at first but soon the people realize that the more zombie slaves that are produced the more humans loose their jobs. The dead are doing a better job at things. They will do things a human would refuse to do. As employment opportunities shift towards the dead from the living great riots occur as a form of protest. Killing, vandalism and worse spread across the map. The company that is called Resurrection, Inc. who administrated the zombie Resurrection for profit has become the enemy for the working class people. Cults appear who follow Neo-Satanism. They hope to seek heaven in the depths of hell. The world is looking more and more like an Apocalypse. There is only one man who tries to bring back order. The problem is that he is dead but he remembers everything. How will this unlikely hero be treated and will he be able to restore hope once again? You will have to read to find out.

Accomplishments of Kevin J Anderson’s

Kevin J Anderson is one of the most famous living writers around. He has authored over 140 books out of which 54 of them appeared in bestsellers lists. 23 million copies have been printed in thirty languages. The list of his accomplishments go on and on. Kevin has won or has been nominated for numerous awards. Achievements include the acceptance of the Nebula, Hugo, Shamus, Bram Stoker, lifeboat to stars, SFX reader’s choice, Colorado Book Award and the New York times Notable book. This Science fiction and fantasy wizard brings home the gold almost every time paper meets the pen.

Featuring in Famous franchises

Kevin has written many Star Wars projects such as Jedi Acadamy Trilogy, Darksaber and also the young Jedi Knight series which he did with his wife who is also a very accomplished writer. He also wrote 3 X files novels one of which is a best seller called Ground Zero. He has also worked with Dean Koontz on the novel Frankenstein: Prodigal sun. this book sold millions of copies in the first year of its release alone. Kevin has even written superman and batman novels. Even DC, Marvel, Boom, IDW, Windstorm, Topps, and Dark horse got him to do comics for them.Along with Brian Herbert, Keven has coauthored 15 books in the famous DUNE saga along with the Hell hole trilogy. The Saga of Seven suns is a 7 volume opus which has topped the international best seller lists. He has produced and co-written the lyrics for the crossover rock CDs based on his terra Incognita fantasy trilogy with his wife Rebecca Moesta. The list will go on and on. There are many more noteworthy accomplishments that will take forever to mention. But the three star wars anthologies have to be mentioned.

Kevin is not only a solo superstar. He has collaborated with his wife many times. Together they have released over 30 titles. Kevin is a well educated man. He has a degree in physics and astronomy from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. He has worked as a technical writer for the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory before becoming a full time novelist. The man is even a Board member of the Challenger Centers for Space Science Education and the Life boat foundation.

Kevin is also good at climbing mountains. He has climbed many mountains including all the 54 peaks over the 14000 ft in Colorado. Keeping fit has driven him to complete 500 miles of the Colorado Trail. He mentions that he has visited 6 out of 7 continents only leaving out Antarctica.

This great man has really lived a full life. It seems as though he has done it all. Right now the living legend lives in a castle in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado with his wife who he has been with for over 20 years. his life’s work is unparalleled.

Books in order of publication:

Gamearth Trilogy Books

Game’s End(1990) 

Star Wars: Jedi Academy Books

Jedi Search(1994) 
Dark Apprentice(1994) 
Champions of the Force(1994) 

Dragonflight Books

Born of Elven Blood(1994)

X-Files Books

Ground Zero(1995) 

Star Wars Books

Tales from the Mos Eisley Cantina(1995) 
The Illustrated Star Wars Universe(1995) 
Tales from Jabba’s Palace(1995) 
Tales of the Bounty Hunters(1996) 
The Essential Chronology(2000) 

Star Wars: Young Jedi Knights Books

Heirs of the Force(1995) 
Shadow Academy(1995) 
The Lost Ones(1995) 
Darkest Knight(1996) 
Jedi Under Siege(1996) 
Shards of Alderaan(1997) 
Diversity of Grandeur(1997) 
Jedi Bounty(1997) 
The Emperor’s Plague(1998) 
Return to Ord Mantell(1998) 
Trouble on Cloud City(1998) 
Crisis at Crystal Reef(1998) 

Craig Kreident Books

Virtual Destruction(1996) 
Lethal Exposure(1998) 

Star Wars: Tales Of The Jedi Books

The Golden Age of the Sith(1997) 
The Fall of the Sith Empire(1998) 

Titan A.E. Books

Akima’s Story(2000) 
Cale’s Story(2000) 

Saga Of Seven Suns Books

Hidden Empire(2002) 
A Forest of Stars(2003) 
Horizon Storms(2004) 
Scattered Suns(2005) 
Of Fire and Night(2006) 
Metal Swarm(2007) 
The Ashes of Worlds(2008) 
Veiled Alliances(2011) 

Chronological Order of Saga Of Seven Suns Books

Veiled Alliances is a prequel in the Saga of Seven Suns series.

Dean Koontz’s Frankenstein Books

Prodigal Son(2005)

Crystal Doors Books

Crystal Doors aka Island Realm(2006) 
Ocean Realm(2007) 
Sky Realm(2008) 

Dune Books

Hunters of Dune(2006) 
Sandworms of Dune(2007) 

Heroes Of Dune Books

Paul of Dune(2008) 
The Winds of Dune(2009) 

Terra Incognita Books

The Edge of the World(2009) 
The Map of All Things(2010) 
The Key to Creation(2011) 
Mythical Creatures(2011) 

Star Challengers Books

Moonbase Crisis(2010) 
Space Station Crisis(2011) 
Asteroid Crisis(2011) 
Star Challengers Trilogy(2014) 

Hell Hole Trilogy Series Books

Hellhole Awakening(2013) 
Hellhole Inferno(2014) 

Fantastic Realms Books

Fantastic Realms 1(2011) 
Fantastic Realms 2(2011) 

Alien Landscapes Books

Alien Landscapes 1(2011) 
Alien Landscapes 2(2011) 

Dark Labyrinth Books

Dark Labyrinth 1(2011) 
Dark Labyrinth 2(2011) 

Stellar Guild Books

Tau Ceti(2011)

Dan Shamble, Zombie PI Books

Death Warmed Over(2012) 
Unnatural Acts(2012) 
Stakeout at the Vampire Circus(2013) 
Road Kill(2013) 
Hair Raising(2013) 
Naughty and Nice(2013) 
Slimy Underbelly(2014) 
Working Stiff(2015) 
Tastes Like Chicken(2017) 

Heroes Reborn Books

A Long Way from Home (with Peter J. Wacks)(2015) 

Dune: Red Plague Books

Dune: Red Plague(2016) 

Colt The Outlander Books

Blood Prize(2017)

Arcane America Books


Wake The Dragon Books

Spine of the Dragon(2019)

Clockwork Angels Books

Clockwork Angels(2012) 
Clockwork Lives(2015) 

Great Schools Of Dune Books

The Sisterhood of Dune(2012) 
Mentats of Dune(2014) 
Navigators of Dune(2016) 

Dragon Business Books

The Dragon Business(2013) 

Saga Of Shadows Books

Island in a Sea of Stars(2014) 
The Dark Between the Stars(2014) 
Blood of the Cosmos(2015) 
Eternity’s Mind(2015) 

Dune: Red Plague Short Stories/Novellas

Dune: Red Plague(2016) 

Colt The Outlander Books

Blood Prize(2017)

Arcane America Books


Wake The Dragon Books

Spine of the Dragon(2019)

Standalone Novels

Resurrection, Inc.(1988) 
Lifeline (with Doug Beason)(1990) 
The Trinity Paradox (with Doug Beason)(1991) 
Afterimage (with Kristine Kathryn Rusch)(1992) 
Assemblers of Infinity (with Doug Beason)(1993) 
Climbing Olympus(1994) 
Ill Wind (with Doug Beason)(1995) 
Ignition (with Doug Beason)(1996) 
Ai! Pedrito! (with L. Ron Hubbard)(1998) 
Ai! Pedrito! When Intelligence Goes Wrong(1998) 
Aftershock (with Kristine Kathryn Rusch)(1998) 
The Outer Limits, Armageddon Dreams(2000) 
Supernova (with Rebecca Moesta)(2000) 
Fantastic Voyage: Microcosm(2001) 
Captain Nemo(2002) 
The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen(2003) 
Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow(2004) 
The Martian War(2006) 
Slan Hunter (with A.E. van Vogt)(2007) 
The Last Days of Krypton(2007) 
Enemies & Allies(2009) 
Kill Zone(2019) 

Short Stories/Novellas

Fremen Justice(2001) 
Drilling Deep(2010) 
Fondest of Memories(2010) 
Frog Kiss(2010) 
Job Qualifications(2010) 
Redmond’s Private Screening(2010) 
Comrades in Arms(2014) 
Dark Carbuncle(2015) 
Mammoth Dawn(2015) 
Escape Hatch(2018) 
Prisoner of War(2018) 

Short Story Collections

Dogged Persistence(2001) 
Tucker’s Grove(2013) 
Selected Stories: Science Fiction, Volume 1(2018) 
Selected Stories: Fantasy(2018) 
Selected Stories: Horror and Dark Fantasy(2018) 
Selected Stories: Science Fiction, Volume 2(2019) 
Three Military SF Novellas(2019) 

Blood Lite Anthologies

Blood Lite(2009) 


War of the Worlds: Global Dispatches(1996) 
Nebula Awards Showcase 2011(2011) 
The Mammoth Book of Nebula Awards SF(2012) 
A Fantastic Holiday Season(2013) 
A Fantastic Holiday Season: The Gift of Stories(2014) 
The Best of Penny Dread Tales(2014) 
Five by Five 3: Target Zone(2014) 
Pulse Pounders: Adrenaline(2017) 
Avatar Dreams(2018) 
Pulse Pounders: Countdown(2018) 

Graphic Novels

Veiled Alliances(2004) 
The Orc’s Treasure(2004) 
Grumpy Old Monsters (with Rebecca Moesta)(2004) 
Starjammers: The Cadet and the Corsairs(2005) 
JSA: Strange Adventures(2010) 
Clockwork Angels: The Comic Scripts (with Neil Peart)(2014) 
RUSH’s Clockwork Angels (with Neil Peart)(2015) 

Non-Fiction Books

Million Dollar Productivity(2014) 
Million Dollar Professionalism for the Writer (with Rebecca Moesta)(2014) 
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