Khurrum Rahman

Khurrum Rahman is a Pakistani and English author of fiction.

He has born in Karachi in Pakistan in 1975. When he was just one years old, he moved to England. Rahman hails from west London but does not live there today. He currently resides in England with his family.

Rahman graduated from university with honors. Besides writing, he’s been working in IT for a total of nearly two decades. However, you can never rule out him turning over to writing for a full time career.

The author’s high interest in fiction led him to try and write some screenplays. He also tried out writing for independent film making companies. He says that his passion resides in checking out a good crime thriller novel. After all, good ones in the past have inspired him to do some of his current writing.

Books in order of publication:

Jay Qasim Books

East of Hounslow(2017) 
Homegrown Hero(2018) 
Ride or Die(2020)
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