Kingsley Amis

Kingsley Amis was a reputed novelist from England, who was famous for writing fiction, humor, and horror novels. He was also a well known critic, poet, and teacher. Amis had written over 20 novels, numerous short stories, a memoir, 6 poetry volumes, scripts for television and radio, literary and social criticism works, etc. in his career. He was regarded as the finest comic novelist of the English language in 20th century’s second half by his biographer Zachary Leader.

Books in order of publication by series:

Jim Dixon Books

Lucky Jim(1954) 
That Uncertain Feeling(1955) 
I Like it Here(1958) 
Lucky Jim’s Politics(1968) 

Jenny Bunn Books

Take a Girl Like You(1960) 
Difficulties with Girls(1988) 

Standalone Novels

My Enemy’s Enemy(1962) 
One Fat Englishman(1963) 
The Egyptologists(1965) 
The Anti-Death League(1966) 
I Want It Now(1968) 
The Green Man(1969) 
Girl, 20(1971) 
Dear Illusion(1972) 
The Riverside Villas Murder(1973) 
Ending Up(1974) 
The Crime of the Century(1975) 
The Alteration(1976) 
The Darkwater Hall Mystery(1978) 
Jake’s Thing(1978) 
Russian Hide-and-Seek(1980) 
Stanley and the Women(1985) 
The Old Devils(1986) 
The Folks That Live On the Hill(1990) 
We Are All Guilty(1991) 
The Russian Girl(1992) 
The Biographer’s Moustache(1995) 

Collections Books

Bright November(1947) 
A Frame of Mind(1953) 
A Case of Samples(1956) 
A Look Round the Estate(1967) 
Collected Poems 1944-1979(1979) 
Collected Short Stories(1980) 
Mr Barrett’s Secret(1993) 
Complete Stories(2011) 

Non-Fiction Books

New Maps of Hell(1960) 
What Became of Jane Austen?(1970) 
On Drink(1972) 
Rudyard Kipling and his World(1975) 
Harold’s Years(1977) 
An Arts Policy?(1979) 
Every Day Drinking(1983) 
How’s Your Glass?(1984) 
The Great British Songbook(1986) 
The Amis Collection(1990) 
Kingsley Amis in Life and Letters(1991) 
You Can’t Do Both(1994) 
The King’s English(1997) 
The Letters of Kingsley Amis(2000) 
Conversations with Kingsley Amis(2010) 
Raising A Smile(2019)
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