Kjell Eriksson

Karl Stig Kjell Eriksson, more commonly known by his pen name Kjell Eriksson, was born in 1953 in Uppsala, Sweden. He is the father of three grown up children. Eriksson is a crime writer and has won the Best Swedish Crime Novel Award in 2002 given by the Swedish Crime Writers’ Academy for his novel The Princess of Burundi. In 2013 he won the “Ivar-Lo Prize” given by the Swedish trade union.

Kjell Eriksson is a gardener, who had his own garden center for years. He loves to grow perennial and roses. Due to his experience, he knows a lot about manual labor. In the 1970s he became a trade union activist. An official agitator and negotiator for the branch of the Agricultural Workers, where he became department chairman and member of the board. At the union congress in 1976 he was a representative. In 1991 he became secretary of the SKP party.

Books in order of publication:

Ann Lindell Books

The Princess of Burundi(2006) 
The Cruel Stars of the Night(2007) 
The Demon of Dakar / The Demon from Dakar(2008) 
The Hand That Trembles(2011) 
Black Lies, Red Blood(2014) 
Open Grave(2015) 
Stone Coffin(2016) 
The Night of the Fire(2020)
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