Kristine Katherine Rusch

Writing under a variety of different pseudonyms, the American author Kristine Kathryn Rusch is both writer and editor, having created an extensive backlog of work over the course of her long and influential career, with diverse material ranging from fantasy to science-fiction, and romance and even mystery. Winning numerous awards as well, she has also managed to garner acclaim from the critics, as well as being a commercial success with the general public too. Working alongside a whole host of other authors as well, she is one of the most prolific writers in her field to date, with more and more discovering her work everyday.

Early and Personal Life

Born on the 4th of June in 1960, she was brought up in Oneonta in New York in the United States, where she spent a large portion of her formative years gaining insight and experience, as she nurtured her passion for both reading and writing from a very early age. She also gained a keen interest in science-fiction and the culture that surrounds it immersing herself wherever and whenever possible into the genre. This enabled her to create a voice for herself over the years that, whilst understanding of the genre, was also individual enough to stand out from the crowd on its own.

Growing up in the area, she would take in a lot from the world around, something which enabled her to create the strong and rich characterizations for which she’s become well known for, along with developing her in-depth and vibrant imagination, which is also known for being intricate. Creating mysteries and suspense, she was able to build upon these creative and profound premises that worked into her refined inner landscapes over the years. Gaining an education as well, she was able to hone and refine this voice of hers as well, building upon her craft to be, setting herself up as a renowned writer in the following years to come.

Finding her style in a whole variety of different genres, she has been able to create and establish a name for herself throughout the years working with a number of different authors as well, all of which has allowed her to branch out and hone her talents as a writer. Writing non-fiction as well, she has managed to create a name outside of the realm of fiction too, establishing herself all across the board. Along with the experiences she has had throughout her life, she has landed upon a rich and varied writing career that has been lauded throughout the entire industry.

Married to the famous writer Dean Wesley Smith, a highly regarded author of science-fiction in his own right, she has managed a number of collaborations with him over the years. They have also managed to Pulphouse Publishing label in the past as well, something which they did together for a number of years, creating a strong and respected brand with the Pulphouse Magazine during their time there. With more books set to be released in the near future it appears that she’s not stopping anytime soon either, as her writing career continues to grow from strength-to-strength.

Writing Career

A highly successful writer of genre fiction, she has gotten on to the top of many bestseller lists on numerous occasion, securing her popularity with readers worldwide. Not only that, but she has also gained critical acclaim as well, with a number of highly prestigious awards and organizations recognizing her many contributions to the field over the years. Included among these was the Asimov’s Readers Choice Award along with the Le Prix Imaginales, as well as the Hugo amongst others, leading to her getting recognition from both her peers and contemporaries.

Writing a variety of different series, she has used multiple pen-names throughout, such as Kris Nelscott for her mystery novels, Kristine Grayson for her romances and Sandy Schofield for her collaborations with her husband. Not only that, but she has also worked under her own name alongside the writers Kevin J.Anderson and Jerry Oltion for a few different series as well. With her career as a writer building and building, she has plenty more stories waiting for her on the horizon, as more are set to follow shortly, something which will carry on into the foreseeable future.

The Gallery Of His Dreams

Initially brought out in 1991 through the Axlotl Press label along with the Pulphouse Publishing label again, this was to be an early title from Kristine Kathryn Rusch as an author. With a somewhat serious tone it manages to convey a sense of urgency and importance about its subject, whilst injecting elements of fantasy along the way. It also provides the ideal starting point for any reader or follower of Rusch hoping to get an insight into her development as an author over the years.

Giving it everything Matthew Brady is a hopeful photographer who puts it all on the line to make his career in American Civil War imagery work, despite already having a successful career elsewhere. Although it doesn’t initially work out when showing his work at the New York Historical Society, as his material isn’t so well received, he perseveres regardless. Whilst he first believes everything to be over, his perseverance comes in the form of a visitation of a woman from another lifetime who gives him a deal that could make or break him. Will he take the offer? What are the stipulations? Where will he go once he enters the gallery of his dreams?

The Devil’s Churn

Originally published in 1996 on the first of March through the Dell publishing label, this was to be part of the Oregon Coast/Seavy Village series written under her own name. Set around the premise of a fantasy version of the Oregon Coast, it posits an alternative location in the style and tone that readers had now come to expect from Rusch as an author. Providing an ambiance and atmosphere that was in keeping with the rest of the novels in the series, it provides further insight into the development of the somewhat fictional location.

Having become an urban legend of sorts to the locals of Dory Cove, the Devil’s Churn had become a well known tourist attraction off the coast of Oregon. It was here that fifty years ago one Spencer Chadwick was pulled under by its fast and aggressive currents, dragging him down to his almost certain demise. Then he mysteriously returns to the town and he looks no older than the day he supposedly died, whilst everyone else must now deal with the onslaught of madness and murder that threatens to engulf their town. Where did Spencer go all those years? How did he return looking so young? What will become of the dangers surrounding the Devil’s Churn?

Books in order of publication by series:

Fey Series

The Sacrifice(1995) 
The Changeling(1996) 
The Rival(1997) 
The Resistance(1998) 

Black Throne Series

The Black Queen(1999) 
The Black King(2000) 

Tenth Planet Series (with Dean Wesley Smith)

The Final Assault(2000) 

Retrieval Artist Series

The Disappeared(2002) 
The Retrieval Artist(2002) 
Buried Deep(2005) 
Recovery Man(2007) 
Duplicate Effort(2009) 
The Recovery Man’s Bargain(2009) 
The Retrieval Artist Short Novel(2010) 
The Possession of Paavo Deshin(2010) 
The Impossibles(2012) 
Sole Survivor(2015) 
Inhuman Garbage(2016) 

Diving Universe Series

Diving Into the Wreck(2009) 
City of Ruins(2011) 
The Room of Lost Souls(2013) 
Becoming One with the Ghosts(2013) 
Strangers at the Room of Lost Souls(2013) 
The Application of Hope(2014) 
The Falls(2016) 
The Runabout(2017) 
Searching for the Fleet(2018) 

Spade/Paladin Conundrum Series

The Case of the Vanishing Boy(2010) 
The Karnikov Card(2012) 
Pandora’s Box(2012) 
Trick or Treat(2013) 
The Early Conundrums(2014) 
The Really Big Ka-Boom(2015) 

Retrieval Artist Universe : Anniversary Day Saga Series

Anniversary Day(2011) 
A Murder of Clones(2015) 
Search & Recovery(2015) 
The Peyti Crisis(2015) 
Starbase Human(2015) 

Standalone Novels

The Gallery of His Dreams(1991) 
The White Mists of Power(1991) 
Afterimage (with Kevin J Anderson)(1992) 
Heart Readers(1993) 
Alien Influences(1994) 
Sins of the Blood(1994) 
The Devil’s Churn(1996) 
Hitler’s Angel(1998) 
Aftershock (with Kevin J Anderson)(1988) 
Fantasy Life(2003) 
The Spires of Denon(2010) 
Crossing Over(2010) 
The Death of Davy Moss(2011) 
Unknown Baby Girl(2011) 
Bleed Through(2013) 
The Enemy Within(2014) 
Snow Day(2017) 


Stained Black(1992) 
Millennium Babies(2001) 
Stories for an Enchanted Afternoon(2001) 
Little Miracles(2001) 
Recovering Apollo 8(2010) 
Five Fantastic Tales(2010) 
Five Feline Fancies(2010) 
Five Oregon Stories(2010) 
Enter A Future (with Nancy Kress, Robert Reed, Robert Silverberg, Allen Steele and Connie Willis)(2010) 
Five for the Winter Holidays(2010) 
Santa and Other Christmas Criminals(2010) 
Silent Night(2010) 
Five Female Sleuths(2011) 
Five Mystery Stories(2011) 
Five Diverse Detectives(2011) 
Five Goofy Science Fiction Stories(2011) 
Secrets & Lies(2011) 
The War and After(2011) 
Infinities (with Eric Brown, Garry Kilworth, Scott Nicholson, Steven Savile and Anna Tambour)(2011) 
Reflections on Life and Death(2011) 
Five California Tales(2013) 
The Sherlock Holmes Megapack (with John Gregory Betancourt, Marc Bilgrey, Rhys Bowen, Carla Coupe, Jack Grochot, Bruce Kilstein, Michael Kurland, Gary Lovisi, Richard A Lupoff, Michael Mallory, Adam Beau McFarlane, Thos. Kent Miller, Mike Resnick, Linda Robertson, Robert J Sawyer, Stan Trybulski and Mark Wardecker)(2014) 
The Ninth Science Fiction Megapack (with Arthur C Clarke, Lester del Rey, Frederik Pohl, Mark Reynolds and Donald E Westlake)(2014) 
The Lady Sleuths (with Grant Allen, L Frank Baum, Anna Katharine Green, E T A Hoffmann, Rebecca K. Jones, Janice Law, C. Ellett Logan, Kris Nelscott, Josh Pachter and Catherine Louisa Pirkis)(2014) 
Track 61(2014) 
The 12th Science Fiction MEGAPACK (with Poul Anderson, Alan Arkin, Manly Banister, John Gregory Betancourt, Jerome Bixby, Ray Bradbury, Rosel George Brown, Lucius Daniel, Lester del Rey, Philip K Dick, H.B. Hickey, R A Lafferty, Keith Laumer, Fritz Leiber, Murray Leinster, Richard Matheson, Walter M Miller, Chad Oliver, Talmage Powell, Mack Reynolds, Frank M Robinson, Tony Rothman, Dean Wesley Smith, George O Smith and Jim Wannamaker)(2016) 

Short Stories/Novellas

Fast Cars(1989) 
Precious Moments(1991) 
The Arrival of Truth(1993) 
The Boy Who Needed Heroes(1995) 
Controlling the Sword(1995) 
Second Fiddle(2001) 
Folk Lure(2010) 
The Poop Thief(2010) 
The Secret Lives of Cats(2010) 
Broken Windchimes(2010) 
Cowboy Grace(2010) 
Domestic Magic(2010) 
The Moorhead House(2010) 
Paparazzi of Dreams(2010) 
Say Hello to My Little Friend(2010) 
What Fluffy Knew(2010) 
What the Monster Saw(2010) 
The One That Got Away(2010) 
The Amazing Quizmo(2010) 
Dragon’s Tooth(2010) 
Flower Fairies(2010) 
Going Native(2010) 
Patriotic Gestures(2010) 
Stomping Mad(2010) 
The Assassin’s Dagger(2010) 
Except The Music(2010) 
Jury Duty(2010) 
Familiar Territory(2010) 
Her Mother’s Secrets(2010) 
Nutball Season(2010) 
The Perfect Man(2010) 
Stille Nacht(2010) 
The Women of Whale Rock(2010) 
Advisors at Naptime(2010) 
Disaster Relief(2010) 
Doubting Thomas(2010) 
Hero Dust(2010) 
Saving Face(2010) 
Searching for the Familiar(2010) 
Snow Angels(2010) 
Strange Creatures(2010) 
The Strangeness of the Day(2010) 
Corpse Vision(2011) 
Dark Corners(2011) 
Dragon Slayer(2011) 
The Light in Whale Cove(2011) 
Subtle Interpretations(2011) 
Thrill of the Hunt(2011) 
Flowers and the Last Hurrah(2011) 
The Questing Mind(2011) 
Without End(2011) 
June Sixteenth at Anna’s(2011) 
Fifteen Minutes at Mercy General(2011) 
Kindred Souls(2011) 
Monuments to the Dead(2011) 
Christopher’s Crummy Christmas(2011) 
The Last Christmas Letter(2011) 
Bring Me the Head of Anne Boleyn(2012) 
Red Letter Day(2012) 
Spirit Guides(2012) 
Cat Nap(2012) 
The Observer(2012) 
Death on D Street(2012) 
Elegy for Piano and Three Voices(2012) 
Good Genes(2012) 
Burial Detail(2012) 
Forest for the Trees(2012) 
The Japanese Sword(2012) 
Physical Therapy(2012) 
Watching the Music Dance(2012) 
Worlds Enough…And Time(2012) 
The Beautiful, The Damned(2012) 
Dispatches from the Front: Number Sixty-One(2012) 
Fit to Print(2012) 
Love and Justice(2012) 
Something Blue(2012) 
Clay Feet(2012) 
Crunchers, Inc.(2012) 
Elvis at the White House(2012) 
Killer Advice (with Kris DeLake)(2012) 
Parking Space Vigilantes(2012) 
Still Life, With Cats(2012) 
The Disappearance of Wicked(2012) 
Dread Unlocks(2012) 
The Hook(2012) 
The Taste of Miracles(2012) 
Incident at Lonely Rocks(2012) 
Well-Chosen Words(2012) 
Ghosts of Christmas Present(2012) 
Mr. Alibi(2012) 
The End of The World(2013) 
The Front Porch(2013) 
Renn and the Little Men(2013) 
The Tower(2013) 
Unnatural Disaster(2013) 
The Flower Man(2013) 
A Helping Hand(2013) 
Hitchhiking Across an Ancient Sea(2013) 
The Life and Deaths of Rachel Long(2013) 
Murder, She Workshopped(2013) 
Death and Taxes(2013) 
The Destruction of a Goddess(2013) 
Story Child(2013) 
After the Fall(2013) 
Flitting Away(2013) 
Shadows on the Moon(2013) 
Show Trial(2013) 
The Best Defense(2013) 
Defect (with Kris DeLake)(2013) 
Solo for Concert Grand(2013) 
Twenty Years Later, By Separation Peak(2013) 
Coin of the Realm(2013) 
Local Knowledge(2013) 
Waltzing on a Dancer’s Grave(2013) 
Blood Trail(2013) 
Killing Time(2013) 
Skin Deep(2013) 
The Dead Line(2013) 
Safety Tests(2013) 
The Voodoo Project(2013) 
What People Leave Behind(2013) 
Year of the Rat(2013) 
Heart Flesh(2013) 
Roger, at Sunset(2013) 
By the Chimney, With Care(2013) 
Drinking Games (with Kris DeLake)(2013) 
Losing Dolly(2013) 
Three Wishes Before A Fire(2013) 
The Destroyer(2014) 
The Injustice Collector(2014) 
A Little Night Music(2014) 
Skating in Time(2014) 
The Hanging Judge(2014) 
Play Like a Girl(2014) 
Earth Day(2014) 
The Scottish Play(2014) 
Dancers Like Children(2014) 
Five Starving Cats and a Dead Dog(2014) 
Game Testing(2014) 
Hollywood Ending(2014) 
Shadow Side(2014) 
The Young Shall See Visions and the Old Dream Dreams(2014) 
Common Sense(2014) 
Eating It Too(2014) 
One Small Step(2014) 
Rick the Robber Baron(2014) 
The Silence(2014) 
When Thomas Jefferson Dined Alone(2014) 
Alien Influences: The Short Story(2014) 
Living the Legend(2014) 
Rose in Dreamland(2014) 
Glass Walls(2014) 
Heading West(2014) 
September at Wall and Broad(2014) 
Asset Protection(2014) 
Northern Correspondent(2014) 
Notes from the Buffer Zone(2014) 
Harold Angel(2014) 
Live Performance(2014) 
My Real Cousin Ruby(2014) 
The Space Between Hope and Dreams(2014) 
Sweet Young Things(2014) 
Theme and Variations(2014) 
An Incursion of Mice(2015) 
Purity Test(2015) 
The Best and the Brightest(2015) 
Courting Rites(2015) 
Voyeuristic Tendencies(2015) 
War Cake(2015) 
Crossing the River Styx(2015) 
Fighting Bob(2015) 
Looking for Miriam(2015) 
Playing with Reality(2015) 
Spaceships in the Desert(2015) 
The Streets Where We Live(2015) 
The Midbury Lake Incident(2015) 
Children of the Night(2015) 
Christmas Eve at the Exit(2015) 
Midnight Trains(2015) 
After the Wedding(2016) 
The Last Surviving Gondola Widow(2016) 
Primitive Area(2016) 
Night of the Dancing Champions(2016) 

Short Stories

Scrawny Pete(2005) 

Non Fiction Books

The Professional Writer’s Guide to Writing Professionally (with Dean Wesley Smith)(1991) 
Getting Started(2010) 
Turning Setbacks into Opportunity(2010) 
How to Make Money(2010) 
How to Negotiate Anything(2010) 
Networking in Person and Online(2010) 
The Secrets of Success(2010) 
Time Management:(2010) 
The Freelancer’s Survival Guide(2010) 
Surviving the Transition(2012) 
Goals and Dreams(2012) 
When to Quit Your Day Job(2012) 
Amelia Pillar’s Etiquette for the Space Traveler(2012) 
The Pursuit of Perfection(2013) 
Deal Breakers 2013(2013) 
The Write Attitude(2015) 

Fates Series

Utterly Charming(2000) 
Completely Smitten(2002) 
Simply Irresistible(2002) 
Absolutely Captivated(2004) 
Totally Spellbound(2005) 
Wickedly Charming(2011) 
Charming Blue(2012) 

Santa Series

Up on the Rooftop(2012) 
Visions of Sugar Plums(2013) 
Dressed in Holiday Style(2014) 

Interim Fates Series

Tiffany Tumbles(2015) 
Crystal Caves(2015) 
Brittany Bends(2015) 

Standalone Novel

Thoroughly Kissed(2001)


Geek Romance(2011) 

Short Stories/Novellas

The Charming Way(2010) 
Geeks Bearing Gifts(2010) 
The Last Vampire(2010) 
Name Calling(2010) 
Artistic Photographs(2011) 
Cosmic Balances Inc.(2011) 
Knowing Jack(2011) 
Standing Up For Grace(2011) 

Publication Order of Smokey Dalton Series

A Dangerous Road(2000) 
Smoke-Filled Rooms(2001) 
Thin Walls(2002) 
Stone Cribs(2004) 
War at Home(2005) 
Days of Rage(2006) 
Family Affair(2013) 
Guarding Lacey(2013) 
Street Justice(2014) 
Sob Sisters(2014) 

Publication Order of Collections

By Hook or By Crook (with Dana Cameron, Mary Higgins Clark, Max Allan Collins, Dennis Lehane, Laura Lippman, Marcia Muller, Nancy Pickard, S J Rozan and Luis Alberto Urrea)(2010) 
The Lady Sleuths (with Grant Allen, L Frank Baum, Anna Katharine Green, E T A Hoffmann, Rebecca K. Jones, Janice Law, C. Ellett Logan, Josh Pachter, Catherine Louisa Pirkis and Kristine Kathryn Rusch)(2014) 

Publication Order of Short Stories/Novellas

The Monster in Our Midst(2015) 
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