Laurence Pringle

When I was a kid, growing up in farm country, I had two strong interests: reading, and having adventures in nature. I loved to explore outdoors, roaming woods and fields, investigating ponds. I never dreamed that a person could have a career that called for lots of reading, and learning about wild animals. I’ve been lucky, working hard but also having fun, creating a career writing children’s nonfiction books. In 2022 my 123rd and 124th books were published.

Each book has helped me learn a lot about research and writing. That’s why I love visiting schools. As a visiting author my motto is: “celebrating nature, inspiring good writing.” Both my school programs and my many animal and nature books cover a wide range of grades. My excitement about nature, science, biography, and history–and the writing process–shines through in a variety of school programs.

As a reader, I’ve always been curious about the lives of writers. How do they work? Why did they choose to write about a certain subject? On this website you can learn “the story behind” many of my books. Click on a book title and discover where ideas come from, my personal adventures, research, and working with artists and science experts.

Books by order of publication: –

Octopus Hug – 1993

An Extraordinary Life: The Story of a Monarch Butterfly – 1996

Bats!: Strange and Wonderful – 2000

A Dragon in the Sky – 2001

Sharks! Strange and Wonderful – 2001

Dog of Discovery: A Newfoundland’s Adventures with Lewis and Clark – 2002

Come to the Ocean’s Edge – 2003

Bear Hug – 2003

American Slave, American Hero: York of the Lewis and Clark Expedition – 2006

Penguins! Strange and Wonderful – 2007

Imagine a Dragon – 2008

Snakes! Strange and Wonderful – 2009

Alligators and Crocodiles!: Strange and Wonderful – 2009

Cicadas! Strange and Wonderful – 2010

Billions of Years, Amazing Changes: The Story of Evolution – 2011

Frogs!: Strange and Wonderful – 2012

ICE!: The Amazing History of the Ice Business – 2012

Scorpions!: Strange and Wonderful – 2013

The Secret Life of the Woolly Bear Caterpillar – 2014

Octopuses!: Strange and Wonderful – 2015

Owls! Strange and Wonderful – 2016

The Secret Life of the Red Fox – 2017

Spiders!: Strange and Wonderful – 2017

The Secret Life of the Little Brown Bat – 2018

The Secret Life of the Skunk – 2019

Dolphins! – 2019



The Secret Life of the Sea Otter – 2022

Wolves! Strange and Wonderful – 2022

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