Laurie Colwin

Laurie Colwin is the author of five novels: Happy All the Time, Family Happiness, Goodbye Without Leaving, Shine On, Bright and Dangerous Object, and A Big Storm Knocked It Over; three collections of short stories: Passion and Affect, Another Marvelous Thing, and The Lone Pilgrim; and two collections of essays: Home Cooking and More Home Cooking. She died in 1992.

Books in order of publication:

Passion and Affect – 1974

Shine On, Bright and Dangerous Object – 1975

Happy All the Time – 1978

The Lone Pilgrim – 1981

Family Happiness – 1982

Another Marvelous Thing – 1986

Home Cooking: A Writer in the Kitchen – 1988

Goodbye Without Leaving – 1990

More Home Cooking: A Writer Returns to the Kitchen – 1993

A Big Storm Knocked It Over – 1993

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