Leon Garfield

Leon Garfield FRSL (14 July 1921 – 2 June 1996) was a British writer of fiction. He is best known for children’s historical novels, though he also wrote for adults. He wrote more than thirty books and scripted Shakespeare: The Animated Tales for television.

Books in order of publication:

Jack Holborn (1964)

Devil-in-the-Fog (1966)

Smith (1967)

Black Jack (1968)

Mister Corbett’s Ghost and Other Stories (1969)

The Drummer Boy (1970)

The God Beneath the Sea (Longman, 1970)

The Strange Affair of Adelaide Harris (1971)

The Ghost Downstairs (1972)

The Golden Shadow (Longman, 1973) ‡

The Sound of Coaches (1974), illus. John Lawrence

The Prisoners of September (1975)

The Pleasure Garden (1976)

The Confidence Man (1978)

The Apprentices (1978)

Bostock and Harris (1979); US title, The Night of the Comet

John Diamond (Kestrel, 1980); US title, Footsteps

The Mystery of Edwin Drood (Deutsch, 1980), by Charles Dickens and Garfield

Fair’s Fair (1981), illus. Margaret Chamberlain, picture book

The House of Cards (1982)

Shakespeare Stories (1985), illus. Michael Foreman

The Wedding Ghost (1985)

The December Rose (1986)

The Empty Sleeve (1988)

Blewcoat Boy (1988)

Shakespeare Stories II (1994), illus. Michael Foreman

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