Leonardo Padura

A Cuban author with a long and impressive legacy behind him, the writer Leonardo de la Caridad Padura Fuentes is an almost an institution in his own right. World renowned for his craft and ability to create intricate and intelligent prose, he is the best-known voice of his country and his generation. A spokesman for his craft he has been able to build a career that has been lauded throughout the industry by both his peers and contemporaries alike.

Books in order of publication:

Mario Conde Books

Havana Blue(1991) 
Havana Gold(1991) 
Havana Red(1997) 
Havana Black(1998) 
Adios Hemingway(2001) 
Havana Fever(2003) 
Grab a Snake by the Tail(2011) 
The Transparency of Time(2021) 

Standalone Novels

The Man Who Loved Dogs(2009)
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